RaceTrends: The Attraction of Teams

Successful race promotion goes beyond the obvious social media, race flyer, email marketing model and looks at ways to get participants more involved as de-facto ambassadors for the event. One simple option: Groups & Teams. Teams (or groups) can have a broad definition. A few usages we see: Relay teams Competitive teams (scored as a… Continue Reading →

Import Fundraiser onto Teams

You can now import fundraisers onto a team directly.  Use the Fundraiser Team ID number (You can find this at the end of the URL on the Fundraiser Team Report page or on each Fundraiser Team page or on csv export files.

Administrator Password for Relay Teams

We have added a setting that allows an administrator password to override Group/Team passwords during onsite registration. We received feedback that many team members don’t actually know their relay team password, which can be confusing during onsite/race day registration. This administrator password can be added in the Kiosk Settings under Go Race Day>>Race Day Registration>>Kiosk Mode…. Continue Reading →

Corporate Teams and Age-Based Pricing

We now offer an option to allow for age-based pricing with corporate team registrations. If this option is turned on, the age-based pricing will override any special corporate team pricing the race may have set-up.  This is a very nice option for races where students and/or seniors receive discounts that might be greater than the discounted corporate team pricing…. Continue Reading →

Hiding Corporate Teams

To prevent errors, we do not allow Corporate Teams to be deleted. They can be hidden on the Edit Team page: This now will show on the reports, so when you download CSV’s they can be sorted easily.

New Option for Fundraising Teams

We have added an option that requires all fundraisers to be part of a team. This is useful for those races that are trying to get the benefit of more people working together. We’ve added it as another option on the Fundraiser SetUp section under Donation Setup:

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