Top News: New Native Check-In App

Top News: New Native Check-In App

We have a new release of one of our most popular RaceDay tools: the CheckIn App. Our previous version was used by over 1,800 races to check-in over 700,000 participants. The new app improves stability, performance, and scalability, with speedy searches of 50,000 participants. Improvements include:

  • Edits of personal info, event, and giveaway
  • Fast list of linked registrations & team members
  • More customization on visible fields during CheckIn and event specific presets
  • Fast CheckIn options with a phone or tablet camera to scan registration ID or bib number
  • Finger signatures
  • Search by name, bib number, group/team name, or corporate team
  • Improved reports, edit settings, and lock settings

The long list of features is made simple by setting up the “Presets” in the App, with flexibility to create multiple presets to allow experienced staff access to more options than new volunteers. You will need to download the new app.


Best of the Blog: Race Director Resources


Shopify Integration – Inventory Syncing

Untitled design (4).png

We have extended our integration with Shopify to automatically sync inventory levels. This enables current inventory to show correctly in both the Shopify Shop and as a race Add-On. Additionally, when an Add-on order is placed in RunSignUp, we track inventory updates made to your Shopify store.


Webinar Recap: Swag Rewards

Untitled design (5).pngThe latest installment of our RunSignUp Webinar Series details one of our favorite marketing features, Swag Rewards. Catch up on Natallie’s Webinar covering the options and implementation of a successful Swag Rewards program, and turn your participants into loyal ambassadors for your event.

Read More -> 

Mobile Google Search Improvements

Untitled design (6).pngOrganic search drove 24% of race traffic in 2017, with 60% from mobile phones. To maximize the promotional value of Google, we have added new tagging to help Google recognize races on RunSignUp and display them high in search results – with an image on mobile phones.


RunSignUp and Acquisitions

Untitled design (7)We’ve discussed the coming wave of consolidation in the race registration business several times, and recognize that, given our market and technology leadership, we will be a consolidator. In keeping with our tradition of openness, we breakdown our thought process on mergers and acquisitions.


More October Blog Updates

CRM Corner

Race CRM Today & Tomorrow

“I’m excited to see what we can use with the CRM as we grow. Although, I always viewed the entire RunSignUp as a CRM” – smart customerUntitled design (8).png

We’ve talked ad-nauseam about what a Race CRM is, but this sums it up pretty well: the difference between a standard CRM and a Race CRM is that one is a separate piece of software you need to import data into before you can take action, and the other is a living database with actions built directly into it. At its core, RunSignUp has always been a CRM, but we are rapidly expanding functionality (like CRM export to CSV and MailChimp). Want to catch up on where we are now? Here’s a start:


See you at a Conference?

Meet us in Person!

Untitled design (15).pngThe RunSignUp team is heading out on the road, and we want to catch up with you! You can find us:

If you’re planning further ahead, you can also find us at the National Marathon Safety & Security Summit in December & Running USA in February…and of course, at our Timer Certification Tour in January (OrlandoPhiladelphiaSan Francisco, and Dallas)!


RunSignUp News

Q3 RunSignUp Results

Untitled design (9).pngWe had a great Q3 with 20% growth of races, 36% growth in number of registrations, and 37% growth in total transaction dollars. Most importantly, we’ve made a lot of progress in our technology  – including CRM, MultiRace Bundles, Marketplace, a  New Race Search, and integrations with Shopify and ROAD iD.


Infrastructure Updates

Untitled design (10)We have done a number of infrastructure updates recently, improving availability, increasing performance, and assuring quality. Performance has improved from 2.7 seconds to 2.3 seconds, even as traffic has increased from 2.5 million page views to over 4 million page views per week.


Facebook Hack Risks for Races

Untitled design (11).pngOne reason RunSignUp has not implemented Facebook Connect (allowing login with a Facebook ID) is security; the recent hack of 50 million Facebook user accounts, validated that concern. But that’s not the only reason we avoid it: Facebook also has a tendency to change privacy policies, data ownership, and API access without notice or recourse.


Zingerman’s 12 Natural Laws of Business

Untitled design (12).pngWe shared all 12 of the Natural Laws of Business as written by food companies Zingerman’s because we think they’re all applicable to the endurance industry. Our personal favorite? Number 11: It generally takes a lot longer to make something great happen than people think. We’re going on 9 years in our RunSignUp journey, with more to come!


New RaceJoy Overview Video

Untitled design (13).pngWe have a new overview video for RaceJoy that encompasses how the app is helping races change the race experience. Take 5 minutes to check out the value to your participants and your event!


Vintage Posters (yours) for Vintage T-Shirts (ours)

Untitled design (14).pngOur Richmond Sales Office is looking to outfit their space with a little history – specifically, your history. If you have any old race posters sitting around, they’d love to trade you – your poster for a premium RunSignUp t-shirt.


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