RunSignUp CRM – the race director’s secret weapon

We have been updating our CRM over the past few months; giving it a fresh new design and enhanced features. Utilizing this information will allow you to provide a better experience for your attendees, giving you a distinct advantage over your competition.

At RunSignUp we know how important it is to build meaningful relationships and to gather comprehensive data about event participants. Our goal is to allow you to manage and maintain your customer relationships, track sales and loyalty, and deliver actionable data– all in one convenient place.

Here is a look at what our registration management page looked like before:



And here is how the page appears today:




What is new in this release?

  1. New left-side navigation where you can toggle between managing registration for a participant and viewing more specific information about that person.
  2. A drill-down into events and referrals so you can see what races the person has registered for by year. If the participant has referred additional registrants, you will also see a tab labeled “Referrals by Year” where you can expand a table to view who they have referred and even click into the referred registration details.

What is coming up?

  1. Drill-down into dollars fundraised and dollars donated
  2. Note-taking functionality
  3. Dedicated CRM navigation items- search for participants page, create CRM offers (simple coupons will come first), lists (e.g. previous participants), promotions (emails, facebook ads, race website banner ads).

We want to hear from YOU! Comment below or send suggestions/feedback to

circle-ron-megaphone.bAv7Tx.pngShout-out to our developer Jeff Kohart for all his amazing work on this!!!

3 thoughts on “RunSignUp CRM – the race director’s secret weapon

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    1. Gracias. We do not have plans to localize the back end race director dashboard. We will at some point offer localization in multiple languages, with Spanish being a high priority along with French, for what participants see on race websites and during registration. Although that will likely not come until sometime in 2019.


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