Feeling Obnoxious

This is Bob. I am at the Running USA conference (which has been awesome!). However, I am feeling like some people may view me as being a little obnoxious. The reason is I have been very vocal about the potential problems our industry is facing relative to races failing and the safety and longevity of registration vendors.

People tend to not want to talk about finances since it is viewed as private. I am not trying to be obnoxious, but come from a history of open source software where things are done very much in the open. One of our company’s defining characteristics is being open about what we do and why and when we fail. In addition to being open, we have a real concern about what has recently happened and what is likely to continue to happen to others. We want to prevent mistakes and losses for both registration providers as well as races.

Sorry if we have offended you or someone you know. We aren’t trying to be obnoxious…

3 thoughts on “Feeling Obnoxious

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  1. I think you are preaching truth to the industry. Keep up the good work!

    Thanks! GOD Bless!

    Zack Loggins

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