UX Update: The Race Title Tile

Hi All,
We’ve made some changes to the Race Dashboard; specifically to the top section of the dashboard, which we refer to as the Race Title Tile. Here’s what it has looked like recently:

Here is what it looks like now:

To switch races, click the name of the race:

To view the race website, click the orange circle to the right:

Many of you have told us that your really like the year-over-year stats. Now you can get to them from any screen in the dashboard. Just click the stats in the lower right:

We’re also introducing some clear, friendly messaging to occasionally prompt you to take action on your race:


To get a nice, clean layout for our Race Title Tile, we put some things away.  Here’s what’s missing:
The Actions Menu
We felt the Actions Menu contained non-essential actions, and could be removed from the main dashboard view. The Actions Menu now lives on the My Races screen:

Breadcrumb Navigation
We’ve removed the breadcrumb navigation. In most cases, the breadcrumb navigation is made redundant by the left nav:

We are moving help into the content section of each screen. The Help link was previously here:
We are moving it down into the content section of each screen:

We will be moving the Help link over the next few weeks.
As always, let us know what you think!  More updates are on their way!

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