News Alert: Price Changes for RaceJoy in 2018



Starting January 1, 2018 RaceJoy will have a new simplified pricing model. RaceJoy is moving away from the pricing band approach to a consistent $0.50 per registered participant approach with a $350 minimum for events that have courses under 50 miles. Races may still choose to pay for RaceJoy as a flat buyout, but will have a price based upon the historical and expected number of registrations at the $0.50 price per registrant.

Pricing covers all participants, spectators, race operations, race day monitoring, and sponsor placement opportunities. Events with a course distance that is greater than 50 miles or have more than 10,000 participants are invited to contact for pricing.


RunSignUp Race Payment Option:
Races that use RunSignUp have the option to have participants pay for RaceJoy by adding 50 cents to the general registration processing fee. This is an option offered during the RaceJoy set up on the race dashboard. Races that enable RaceJoy after registration has begun, are responsible for covering the fees for any registrations already processed. So, the sooner you enable RaceJoy, the better!


RaceJoy Sponsored:
Those races that pay for the flat buyout of RaceJoy typically have a sponsor cover the cost of enabling the app and then give the sponsor full exposure in app with various promotion points like:

  • Linkable Banner ads
  • Progress Alert Provided By recognition
  • Placement on interactive course map
  • Geo Cheer Clips
  • Logo placements in news alerts

Learn more about the sponsor opportunities in RaceJoy here.


Enable RaceJoy:
To request a demo or to learn more about RaceJoy, visit our website or contact us at We’re happy to help!

It’s easy to set up your race for RaceJoy. Just follow the setup wizard on our website or your RunSignUp dashboard to enable the app for your event. All we require is an electronic course map (KML/GPX preferred) and for you to let your participants know about RaceJoy. Please provide a minimum of two weeks prior to the race date to RaceJoy Ready your race. Watch this video for an overview of RaceJoy’s features.


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