URun Moves to Active

Active announced URun (formerly known as 1N3) is moving their Blacklight Run, Foam Glow 5K, Bubble Run, Terrain Racing,  Glow Wars and Blacklight Slide to their registration system. URun had more registrations on RunSignUp than any other customer in 2015 and 2016.

Active brought suit against 1N3 in March, 2015 after they had moved from Active to RunSignUp (See Case# 37-2015-00010377-CU-BC-CTL on https://roa.sdcourt.ca.gov/roa/).

RunSignUp has stood behind 1N3 for nearly 2 years paying in excess of $700,000 of legal fees on their behalf to defend them. Due to these legal costs,  1N3 had been an unprofitable customer. While we are disappointed they will no longer be a customer, we wish them well and hope they continue to grow and have success.

RunSignUp is still party to a second lawsuit Active brought against another ex-Active customer, TMT, that is still outstanding. We plan on focusing our efforts to fully defend ourselves and our customer in the coming year as we head toward a scheduled trial date of March, 2017. As stated in our 2016 Year in Review, RunSignUp is on a roll, growing by over 1.4 Million registrations excluding URun in 2016 – and of course we would never sue a customer or ex-customer.

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