Photo Upload Optimization

rdgo_photosWe have released an optimization to photo uploads to make sure that a photo is only uploaded once. This solves the situation of where a batch was uploaded and maybe some did not complete, or there were photos added and it was just easier to pick a folder and upload the whole thing.

This is now automatically performed on the race photo location level.

This feature is automatically performed on modern browsers that support IndexedDB and localStorage, such as Google Chrome.

A back-up of the metadata is also made every 15 minutes, so if someone comes back the next day on another computer, it will download the meta-data for the race, and use that to determine if the photos being uploaded should be processed.

This is done locally to avoid unnecessary time and bandwidth uploading photos that are not needed.

If someone uploads 1,000 photos, and 5 fail, they can try again by uploading the same 1,000, but only 5 will be uploaded and processed.

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