http/2 Support

fast-ron.pngWe have been doing a lot of infrastructure improvements over the past couple of months as a part of our PCI Level 1 Certification.  That is the highest level and requires extra measures of auditing and security and scanning, including a week onsite visit by a Qualified Security Assessor. Unfortunately most of that is stuff we can not talk about.

The one thing we can do is talk about the http/2 support that Amazon CloudFront has recently released and we are rolling out. http/2 is a major upgrade to base protocol between browsers and websites.

While there is a lot of complex technology, the simple result is that pages will load faster and response time will go down even further (that’s why we put the “Fast Ron Synup” image on this blog). Remember, fast websites are among the most important metrics that keep people on your race website and get them thru registration completely.

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