Race Director & Timer Symposium Videos

race7199-social382x200.bw2kWlWe “Live Streamed” our Symposium last week. It was our first attempt at this, so we had some technical glitches and some content that could be better and some content that is not there. On the other hand, we captured a lot of great stuff:

Bob Bickel: RunSignUp Overview and Roadmap


Barbara Herzog: Cultivating Fundraisers to Increase Donations


Trish Portuese: The Race Checklist: Preparing for the Best to Avoid the Worst


Jen A. Miller (We Stopped the Stream to Fix the Video Issue, so Not all of Jen’s Presentation is Here):


Andy Younger & Joe Dimambro: Race Promotion & Running Community Collaboration


David Gottlieb: Steamlining Race Day for Your Volunteers


Troy Rebert: Race Day Technology for Races of All Sizes


Roger Bradshaw: Intro to The Race Director Session


Matt Avery with Megan Cary and Roger Bradshaw: Life Cycle of The Race Director Integration with Your Race


Roger Bradshaw: The Race Director Changes


Roger Bradshaw: Question and Answer Session


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