Active – Really??? – Part 3

question-markLast week Active emailed a bunch of our customers saying (FALSELY) RunSignUp was down. In reality, we had cut off access from their IP address because we detected unusual traffic from their site. Active was running a “scraping” program to get a list of the races off of our site. They apologized and told us they contacted the people they had sent false claims to and corrected their mistake. We naively turned their IP address back on, figuring they would not try that again.

Last night during our fun reception for the RunSignUp Symposium, they were at it again – trying to scrape our website and get a list of races, their location and the number of people signed up for each race. We turned off their IP address again after about 32,000 requests from them.

Our question to Active is simply “REALLY?????????”

While there may not be anything specifically illegal about scraping websites, it is a bit of bad form.

We have turned off their IP address permanently. We will also increase our alerts for this type of activity, given they will likely try to use some other IP addresses.

It is going to be especially sweet to pass them as the #1 Endurance Registration site in the US in the near future –

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    1. We have seen continued scraping after our recent action from virtual hosting companies that basically hide the origin IP address. We did a massive set of thousands of blocks last night.


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