Did Mercy Health Glass City Marathon offer RaceJoy?!

You Bet Your Glass!

The Mercy Health Glass City Marathon race organizers are always looking for new ways to offer a unique experience for its participants. Three years ago they showed their dedication for this with their early adoption of innovation by being one of the first to offer RaceJoy.  As part of their 40th year celebration this year, race organizers offered RaceJoy’s advanced interactive race day features again for their participants and spectators. People were treated to all of RaceJoy’s bells and whistles, with access to instant race results, race information and official timing system based progress updates. Users could also purchase a minor 99 cents upgrade for access to live GPS tracking and audio cheers, including Text-to-Cheer.

1 Glass logo

The marathon weekend takes place in Toledo, Ohio with its setting at the University of Toledo. So, why is it called the Glass City Marathon? The race gets its name from the City of Toledo’s nickname, the Glass City. Toledo took this nickname because of its long history and influential role in the American glass industry with well-known glass manufacturers such as Owens Corning, Libbey Glass, and Pilkington being staples of Toledo’s economic history. A new addition to the race this year was the ability to have individual custom awards created at the finish area that were showcased in a sweet looking glass-looking frame.

2 glass phone

The Glass City Marathon weekend offers many course options, including a Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half Marathon, 5K and Kids Marathon, attracting nearly 8,000 runners and walkers. RaceJoy had a great showing this weekend, with close to 7,100 people using the app for Glass City! This was one of our record breaking usage races at 130% based upon finishers (includes spectators).  Each runner/walker had, on average, close to two people tracking them in RaceJoy.

3 runners

Tracking and Results

RaceJoy issued an amazing 78,000 race timed progress alerts and 2,500 cheers as runners and walkers crossed timing points on the course that offered pace and estimated finish time updates. People are able to go in and view these at any time during or after the race. We see people checking these at all hours of the day and night!

4 alert

These progress alerts were delivered by integrating with the race’s timing company, Gault Race Management, a timing service icon in the running industry. This integration allowed RaceJoy to immediately deliver the progress alerts along the course and scored race results – available moments after crossing the finish line. No need to stand in long lines at the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon! Note: RaceJoy typically offers only live phone tracking, and GPS-based progress alerts. This timing integration is only available for RaceJoy’s first adopters.

5 at race

Relay Team Fun

Glass City Marathon has really grown the relay segment of their race with over 320 teams competing in 2016. Drawing on younger runner teams from the University of Toledo and other community and organizational teams, the race offers relay team participants a great way to share in a Marathon achievement with friends and family. We saw many creative team names out there:

You Bet Your Glass (our favorite 😉

Buns on the Run

Deviled Leggs

Easier Said Than Run

Glass Kickers

Got the Runs?

Live Long and Perspire

Meg is Preg

Peanut Butter and Jelly Legs

Should’ve Ran the 5K

The Young and the Breathless

Time Wounds All Heels

4 Beauties and 1 Beast

A Mailman – Two Nurses – A Cop and A Rockstar


Live Continuous Tracking

Runners had the option to also use RaceJoy’s live phone tracking and cheers. We tracked Stacey for more than six hours and got to see her at the finish line. So proud of you for such an amazing achievement!


Some live phone tracking shots on race day:


Glass City Marathon: Add to your 2017 race calendar (4/23/17).

Runners! Add Glass City to your bucket list especially if you are wanting to qualify for Boston. It is also a great race to do with a group of friends because of their relay team option and the course is nice and flat.

Toledo has a mid-western warm nature amongst the people living there and there are many local experiences to enjoy, such as the Toledo Museum of Art (amazing glass art and paintings on display), MacQueen’s Apple Orchard (crazy good donuts that are great after a long run), MudHens baseball games (for a home town authentic baseball experience), and Toledo’s beautiful parks that offer impressive options for trail running, paved running and cycling.

Thank you, Mercy Health Glass City Marathon race organizers for adopting innovation and including RaceJoy for a third year at this wonderful race weekend! Congratulations to all the race participants on a great race!  WE LOVE TOLEDO!


Click for more information about offering RaceJoy.

Author: RunSignUp

RunSignUp is the leading innovator of online tools for race registration, race day solutions, and running clubs. Services include RunSignUp for registration, RunSignUp Go for Race Day, RunSignUp RD Go for Timers, RunSignUp Clubs to enable membership management, and RaceJoy for mobile experiences. More than 10,000 race directors, timers, running club officers and running stores use these services today, including leading organizations like the Boilermaker Road Race, Crim Festival of Races, Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon, Inc., Fifth Third River Bank Run, Blacklight Run, Bubble Run, Night Nation, Mercedes Marathon, Kentucky Derby Festival, Leone Timing, KC Running Company, Compuscore Timing, Knoxville Track Club, Pikes Peak Road Runners, Gulf Coast Runners, Columbus Running Company, Playmakers Running Store and many more. In 2015, over 10,000 races used the system to register more than 2.7 million participants. In 2016 over 14,000 races will use the system to process over 4.3 million paid registrations. Services are free except for processing fees when conducting monetary transactions such as race registration or club membership renewal. RunSignUp is founded by runners for runners, using technical capabilities to bring the power of cloud computing to benefit the running community. For more information, visit www.RunSignUp.com.

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