Happy Festivus: An Airing of Grievances

In keeping with the traditions of Festivus, we have a few grievances to air:

festivusRunners…We have a problem with your procrastination (Race Day registration,
anyone?!), your insistence on registering on your phones, wanting us to remember your credit card info, and your expectation that results be instant and easily accessible.

Race Directors…We have a problem with your emphasis on always wanting to make your race better. Video results, Race Websites, Runner Tracking, faster registration, better reporting, a site that doesn’t crash in a registration rush…aren’t you ever happy?!

Timers…We have a problem with your demands for correct runner data, instantly and without manual data entry. What do you expect – instant communication between your races and your timing software?

Running Stores…We have a problem with your expansion into areas beyond selling stuff! Why are you trying to build bigger, better communities with training programs, comprehensive calendars, and event services?

Race Series’…We have a problem with your constant pushing the envelope. Colors, night running, obstacles, music…FUN?! Why can’t you be content with plain, simple running exactly the way it’s always been done?

…thank you all for causing so many grievances, and inspiring us to make technology that is better and bolder. Keep your grievances coming, and we’ll keep working to meet your expectations!

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