Repeat Participant Reports

We have added a new report to show you the people who come back to your race. If you have multiple years of registration data in RunSignUp (remember you can upload previous years participant information even if this is your first year on RunSignUp), this will show you how many people have run your race more than once. It will also display the top 100 most frequent participants and allow you to download a spreadsheet of everyone who has participated more than once.

We have also done a similar report for Partners so you can see across all the races in your partnership. We offer a few different ways to group participants for the repeat participant report (this is useful for imported data if only first/last are available for some years):


Here is what the Race Report looks like. It is under the Reports -> Marketing Reports -> Repeat Participants Menu:

Repeat Participant report

Here is a Repeat Participant Report for an example Partner account across all their races. It is under the Promotion -> Repeat Participants Report:

Repeat Participant Partner Report

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