More Partner Dashboard Improvements

We have added some nice features for Partners with multiple races to give them better visibility across those races.

Compare Races allows you to pick up to 10 races to compare on a single chart. This is on the Dashboard -> Compare page at the bottom, and you will be able to pick any mix of your races:

Compare Races

Consolidated Questions Report will show you all of your “choice” (non-free form text) questions consolidated. If you use the same question text for each race, we will combine the resulting answers:

Questions Cross Race

Age Demographics:

Age Demographics

Transaction Breakdown from the Financial menu:

Transaction Breakdown

Store Purchases Across Races:

Store Purchases across races

Partner Race Setting across all your races today provides for two features. First, Set Common Webpage for Participants to Manage Registrations. This will enable you to put a web page on your website to direct users to, and when RunSignUp creates things like Confirmation Emails, that URL will be used. Remember to put a Registration Management widget on that page! This page also Hides Participant List Across All Races option:

Partner Race Settings

Finally, if you have access to more than 1 partnership, you will see the others listed at the bottom of the Partner menu on the left.

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