Standard Questions

Standard QuestionsWe have added Standard Questions – which creates a standard set of information that can be used across races and is stored as part of a runner’s profile and be reused. This list will expand in the future. The first 3 Standard Questions are:

  • Emergency Contact Name
  • Emergency Contact Phone
  • Cell Phone Number for Important Notifications

Standard Emergency Contact QuestionWhen you click one of the Standard Questions, it will automatically create the question below. This gives you the ability to mix it in with your custom questions and create the order that works best for your race. Note that the Standard Question will automatically select defaults such as the format and who to ask. You will only have limited capability to change these questions. For example, the phone numbers must be phone numbers and for emergency contact each participant is given the chance to enter their own emergency contact, but you select whether it is required.

Turn an existing Custom Question into a Standard Questions
Turn an existing Custom Question into a Standard Questions

If you have an existing question, you can turn it into a Standard Question. We highly suggest you do this if you have an Emergency Contact question.

The advantage of having Standard Questions is that users with a profile will only have to answer it once. The next race they sign up for, the Emergency Contact info will automatically populate – saving time and making mobile registration easier. This is part of our effort to move toward a “One Click” registration capability.

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    1. Not in the near term – probably at least 6 months out. Sorry – too many other priorities on the plate (but we promise you will love those things like the new Runner UI and the faster checkout options and Partner UI, etc.)


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