Payment System Updates Coming

Finance UpdateWe rolled out our new payment system a couple of months ago based on our new role as a Payment Facilitator. This brought a number of benefits to new races such as faster payments, better reporting, better refund processing, better statements to runners signing up for your race on their credit card bill, etc. But there has been a downside in terms of ease of use and on-boarding.

Over the next two weeks we will be rolling out a new version of our payment system that should address the negative feedback we have heard on the new system. The highlight is that we will have a “Quick Start” option and an “Advanced” option. NOTE: Existing customers need not do anything and can renew and add races to their existing payment accounts.

Quick Start
We will have two modes of Quick Start:

  • Set Up Now
    • We ask you for the minimum amount of information necessary to satisfy credit card processing rules to set up your payment account
    • You can choose to make payments to yourself or to a business, charity or other non-profit entity
    • You can choose to receive either direct deposit (preferred) or check payments and can receive your payments weekly or monthly based on our current
  • Set Up Later
    • Our innovative Quick Start payment system allows you to set up your race now, begin taking registrations now and come back later to give us the instructions on how to make payment

Advanced Payment Option
RunSignUp offers an Advanced Payment Option for accounts that want additional payment benefits including:

  • Funds availability typically 1 day faster than Quick Start Payment
  • More detailed financial reporting
  • Payment frequency up to daily
  • The Advanced Payment Option require a little more information than a Quick Start set up to satisfy IRS and credit card processing rules
  • If you are a 501c(3) charity we will present you with the choice to set up the Advanced Payment Option at the time you set up your payment account
  • Any other individual, business or non-profit entity who wants the additional benefits can move to the Advanced Payment Option at any time

We are totally redesigning the user interface to be simpler. We will also make it simple to upgrade from the Quick Start to the Advanced.

We expect that large races will want to move to the Advanced Payments mode. We also expect to be announcing additional advantages with the Advanced Payments methodology once we roll it out and have good feedback.

Author: RunSignUp

RunSignUp is the leading innovator of online tools for race registration, race day solutions, and running clubs. Services include RunSignUp for registration, RunSignUp Go for Race Day, RunSignUp RD Go for Timers, RunSignUp Clubs to enable membership management, and RaceJoy for mobile experiences. More than 10,000 race directors, timers, running club officers and running stores use these services today, including leading organizations like the Boilermaker Road Race, Crim Festival of Races, Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon, Inc., Fifth Third River Bank Run, Blacklight Run, Bubble Run, Night Nation, Mercedes Marathon, Kentucky Derby Festival, Leone Timing, KC Running Company, Compuscore Timing, Knoxville Track Club, Pikes Peak Road Runners, Gulf Coast Runners, Columbus Running Company, Playmakers Running Store and many more. In 2015, over 10,000 races used the system to register more than 2.7 million participants. In 2016 over 14,000 races will use the system to process over 4.3 million paid registrations. Services are free except for processing fees when conducting monetary transactions such as race registration or club membership renewal. RunSignUp is founded by runners for runners, using technical capabilities to bring the power of cloud computing to benefit the running community. For more information, visit

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