Welcome Matt Avery!

Matt AveryWe are really happy to welcome Matt Avery as our latest addition to the RunSignUp Team! Matt will be helping customers use RunSignUp, The Race Director and RaceJoy better by helping answer support questions, producing How To and training material and helping us with designing our next generation of solutions – especially in the area of Race Day Go. Matt will be our first full time “weekend warrior” to help customers on the weekends. Up until now we have rotated the weekend support duty of watching the info@runsignup.com support email inbox and responding. Matt will provide a higher quality of support than we were able to with a rotating schedule especially for timers and the many race day features we are releasing.

Matt is moving from Rochester to live in Philadelphia and work in the Moorestown, NJ office. Matt is coming from YellowJacket Racing, where he was the lead timer. YellowJacket is a partner of RunSignUp and Matt approached us a number of months ago about having an interest in joining our fast growing company. We worked with Matt and YellowJacket to make sure there was a smooth transition and we did not leave one of our partners in a tough position. Matt will go back for several races during the course of the year to help them out, and he did about 6 weeks of training to their team before he left.

Matt graduated with a degree in Computer Science, which fits our techie culture perfectly at RunSignUp! Matt is an accomplished runner himself – he holds the College at Brockport school record in the 8K XC course, and finished 85th in D3 Nationals in 2010.

Matt plays, records and produces music in his free time. So expect to hear some original background music coming int he future in our How To videos!

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