RaceJoy Bug on Apple

UPDATE: This one was a little tough, but we were able to re-create the precise use case that caused RaceJoy to terminate at MILE-1 for Version 3.0.7. 

The conditions required were:

1.       Apple iOS 8.1 or Higher

2.       Phone had to be in Locked Mode

a.       application in background or foreground is not an issue.. but if the phone is locked, then in the later versions of Apple iOS they have decided to kill the application client during certain UIKit actions.  You can google this killclient action (gpus_returnnotpermittedkillclient ) and see that actually many have reported this as a iOS8 bug to Apple and they agreed and Apple it appears has fixed certain aspects… but it appears to still be an issue in locked mode.

We had added code in V3.0.7 to refresh the app screen after reaching MILE-1.  Only an issue if the phone is locked.  We are submitting the change/fix tonight.

With the latest RaceJoy release, there appears to be a bug for about 20% of Apple iPhone users. We are trying to recreate the bug now so we can find a solution.

The problem occurs when the 1 Mile notification is sent. For about 20% of iPhone users, the phone then stops sending tracking information.

If you happen to have had this happen to you, let us know – we would like to know what version of iOS you are on and what version of the iPhone you had to hopefully track this down.

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