Reporting Bug

We found and fixed a small bug (we try to report all bugs and fixes) that does not impact money paid by participants or paid to races.

It is just a problem with reporting Giveaway Items when there is a cost to them and multiple were ordered in a single transaction. For example if your XXL T-Shirt costs $5.00 and two people registered for your race and each person ordered one. They paid the $10, and your race received that payment. However, in one of the reports it will show as “Other” while the rest of your XXL shirts that were ordered one at a time would appear under the Giveaway column.

Here is an example from a real race where the total amount for Giveaways should have been $373 + $33 = $406 all in the “Giveaway” column:

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 7.50.56 AM

This is from the report on the Financial Summary page. The “Download Report” will provide you a report where totals for quantity and  are given for each category of items sold – like Race Fees, Giveaways, Donations, etc.

The Giveaway specific report works properly. The bug has been fixed for future transactions, but the report can not be modified for the past transactions.

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