Race Day Reminder EMails and Barcode CheckIn

One of the best things about the new EMail system is the ability to put registrant information into each email very easily. My favorite example is sending an email a couple of days before the race.

This example, shows the new ability to add the Registration Bar Code to the email. If you are using the RunSignUp Check-In capability, this can significantly speed check-in times. Check out this email, and the text needed to create it below:

Race Day Check In EMail

Here is the email text needed to create this. Feel free to copy and paste!

This Saturday is the race! Here is important information to bring with you to the race.

PLEASE PRINT AND BRING THIS WITH YOU (or save on your mobile phone), so we can scan your barcode to check you in quickly!

First Name: %FIRST_NAME%

Last Name: %LAST_NAME%

Age on Race Day: %AGE%


Bib Number: %BIB_NUMBER%

Registration Barcode to speed Race Day Check-In:


If you see something incorrect, you can correct it by going to %EDIT_REGISTRATION_LINK%.

See you on Saturday!

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