RunSignUp Results 3.0

ResultsRunSignUp Results 3.0 is now released.

There are a number of significant improvements over RunSignUp Results 2.0:

  • Improved User Interface and Kiosk for faster Results viewing and searching.
  • Quick Widget for embedding Results in Timer and Race websites.
  • New Pricing to allow non-RunSignUp races to use RunSignUp Results.
  • Improved API and integration with RunScore and Race Director.
  • Infrastructure improvements to allow for licensing RunSignUp Results to other software and service companies for them to tightly integrate with their offerings.

We have seen exponential growth in the use of RunSignUp Results, and especially Notifications by races. This new release will help bring better results and notifications to more runners.

logo-transparent-30pxhNote also, we continue our open platform strategy so still embrace other results systems as partners we work with. Xact and RTRT are both very logo_shadowrobust results systems that bring a variety of benefits to races, and we continue to work with them well.

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