Time Zone Changes

Time Zone Changes

We have deployed an update today (Tuesday, August 19th) that will support Time Zones. This means you can now set the time zone when you create your race – previously, we had shown all times in Eastern Time, which caused confusion over things like registration in California ending at 9PM Pacific because it was set to close at Midnight Eastern Time. 

We automatically included a timezone for all races, but recommend double-checking your race to ensure it is correct.  

The timezone supports worldwide timezones and does automatic adjustment for daylight savings time (for example a race in the summer would show PDT for Pacific Daylight Time and a race in the winter would show PST). We included support for the many border cases like Indiana and Arizona.

What you need to do:


  • Open your Race Dashboard
  • Select “Race” from your menu, and then “Race Wizard”
  • In the “Basic Steps” tab of the Race Wizard (it will open to this tab), you will find a Timezone field just below your location information
  • Verify that the Timezone is correct, and if you make any changes, make sure you hit the “Save and Continue button at the bottom of the page”
  • Picture3Double-check your race page to verify that it is showing your race time correctly.  Please let us know ASAP if there are any issues.

We hope you and your runners enjoy the new feature that makes RunSignUp more local across the US (and other places around the world in the future as we add more multinational support).




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