Webscorer Integration

WebScorerWebscorer has a nice mobile application for timing and scoring races. It has a superset of functionality of the RunSignUp Mobile Timing App which we offer as an open source contribution to the running community.

As part of our Open RunSignUp Go initiative to make race day easy, we have introduced an integration so races using Webscorer can easily pass participants who have registered on RunSignUp to Webscorer.

Simply go to the RunSignUp Dashboard and select Participant Reports. From here, you will see a number of options for formatting your participant information like downloading csv files and building bib labels.  Click the “Webscorer Import” to download a tab delimited file that Webscorer will be able to then import.  

WebScorer ImportYou can then follow the import instructions on the Webscorer site at http://www.webscorer.com/resources/tutorialsl-txt.

For more flexibility, you can customize the output from RunSignUp with the Participant report, and then export just those columns in a CSV file. Webscorer now support CSV imports as well.

Let us know any feedback or suggestions you have!

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