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June’s Top News

RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium: Register before 7/1 to beat the final price increase!

Our Tuesday agenda is packed with an impressive set of experienced presenters on a broad range of topics, including race promotion with referrals & social media, sponsor management, logistics for a race management company, motivating fundraisers, improving the race experience through participant management options, and using your database to manage multiple events and event coordinators, as well as a range of RunSignUp system tutorials. You can find the Tuesday agenda here.

Attending Timer Day on Wednesday? We’ll be joined by representatives from a range of timing software and hardware products. Timer Day is an opportunity to learn about updates and best practices for the products you are already using, and a chance to evaluate options you’re interested in for the future. The Timer Day philosophy is as open as our company’s policy: attend any and all sessions and breakouts that you want! You can find the Timer Day agenda here.

Non-Exclusive ContractsOne of the first decisions we made at RunSignUp was to have a non-exclusive contract. This meant we were not locking customers into using just RunSignUp, and gave them the right to use any platform(s) they wanted to help their race. Seven years later, that decision hasn’t changed at all, but some other software companies still demand exclusive contracts. Make sure you understand the terms of any contract you enter into!

RaceDay Photos get big results! RunSignUp Analytics is now tracking photo viewson a per location basis…and demonstrates the value that photos have to your event. We checked the results from a single 800-person event to find that it had racked up 34,000+ views for photos (that’s 41 views per person!). Use a watermark with your photos to entice a sponsor or get additional exposure for your event!

Race Director Resources

Promotion DashboardWe are starting to roll our new Race Promotion Dashboard! This initial release shows the number of page views by day, using the data collected via the new RunSignUp Analytics engine. Over time, the Promotion Dashboard will become more and more powerful, showing aspects like time period and data elements like registrations, the number of transactions, and sources (like email or Facebook).

Sponsor Report By YearSponsor reports, powered by RunSignUp Analytics, now display their totals by year (just change it at the top of the report). Want to learn more about the RunSignUp Sponsor Platform? Register for our Webinartomorrow, Wednesday June 28th at 2pmET/11amPT!

Test Email Notifications: Race Directors now have the ability to verify exactly what their notification emails look like by sending test versions of the email.

More Race Director Updates:

Hide Bar on Race Website Header
Disable All Add-Ons
Hide Signup Button
Shared Coupon Report

RunSignUp Clubhouse

Club Membership Start DateClubs now have the option to turn off the ability to enter the club membership date, instead defaulting to today (for a new member) or the day after their current membership expires (if they are a renewing member).

RaceJoy Raves

Maps Matter! Catch up on the latest Endurance Event Education Webinar on maps and RaceJoy. We covered: why your course matters, map adjustments, cell conditions verification, and extra value via custom map markers and custom cheer points.


Shared Coupon Reports

We have added the ability to share a coupon report with outside parties who do not have access to the rest of the race dashboard. You can navigate to the shared report setup via the Actions drop-down on Financial -> Pricing -> Coupons.


On the Shared Reports page, you will be able to enter email addresses for people who should be able to see a report with all coupons beginning with a specific prefix. This could be used, for example, if you have a sponsor who offers coupons to their customers, with various specific codes for each method of offer. You can use the coupon codes “BankEmail, BankFacebook, and BankStore”, and then provide access for them to view all coupons beginning with “Bank” to give them immediate access to the results of their coupon offer.


Once the user with access has signed into (or created) their RunSignUp account, they can pull up a report with details on each coupon beginning with the set prefix.

Map Matters

RunSignUp’s RaceJoy recently held a webinar to share information about map matters in relation to RaceJoy’s race day mobile app. Below is a summation of what was covered or you can view the recording here:


Topics covered include:

  • Why Your Course Matters
  • Map Adjustments
  • Cell Conditions Verification
  • Extra Value:
    • Custom Map Markers
    • Custom Cheer Points

Why Your Course Matters

Your course map is the foundation from which RaceJoy applies a great deal of its technology. RaceJoy uses the path, which is your course map, and then measures participants’ proximity to milestones on that path to issue progress alerts.


Features like Live Phone Tracking and GPS-Based Progress Alerts are highly dependent on the accuracy of your course map. You want to make sure you have an accurate course map loaded, or participants will appear that they are off course. Furthermore, the GPS progress alerts, which are typically sent out at every mile, include information like location, elapsed time, pace and estimated finish time. If the course map is inaccurate, this information will be wrong, leading to frustrated participants and spectators on race day. The goal with RaceJoy is to have a synchronized experience between what’s happening on the course and in the app.

The most important points on the course are the START and FINISH locations. The locations loaded in your course map should be at the exact actual locations at the race site. If these change, make sure they get adjusted in your map in RaceJoy. You can always call or send an email to on race day, if you aren’t able to access a computer.


To improve the accuracy of your map, you may need to adjust the Start and Finish, and move mile markers in RaceJoy.

Map Adjustments

It is very easy to make course changes at any time all the way through race day. All you need to do is go to your race dashboard and click the Adjust Course Map button. From there, it’s a user-friendly tool to customize and correct the path and any markers by dragging and dropping necessary points. Learn more by watching this video about the Map Building Tool.


We suggest having your lead vehicles use RaceJoy so you can track them. This will allow you to quickly address any issues with participants going off-course.

Checking Your Cell Conditions

You can use the Try RaceJoy feature to test the cell conditions on your course. This feature allows you to track yourself or someone else and provides freestyle GPS tracking. Races can use Try RaceJoy to drive the course and determine any trouble spots.


If you have known weak cell areas on the course, we can apply a Poor Cell Zone graphic overlay on the map in RaceJoy to manage expectations. RaceJoy is designed to pick up the connection once the participant enters a functioning cell area.


Getting the Most Out of Your Map

Customize Your Map

You can customize your map with various markers on the course like water stops, entertainment zones, medic tents, and sponsor locations. This can be done through your RaceJoy dashboard. You can add a label for the marker, a custom description and an icon to appear for that marker. See the webinar video for a quick how to.


Custom Cheer Points

A new feature with RaceJoy is custom Cheer Points. This allows you to add gamification to your event and is a creative way to engage with participants during the race by delivering cheer messages to participants when they reach certain geographic positions on the course. Examples include sending supportive messages at known tough spots on the course, a congratulations finisher cheer or a sponsor jingle as they pass a local sponsor. You can issue RaceJoy’s pre-loaded cheers, load in your own audio file or type in a message that is then played in audio format.


See the Map Matters video on how you can add custom Cheer Points to your course.

If you’d like more information about RaceJoy, please email or visit our website at


2017 RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium: Preliminary Tuesday Agenda

The preliminary agenda for Tuesday of our 2017 RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium has been released. We’re (very) excited about the experience and success represented by this year’s lineup, and the opportunities for networking and sharing of knowledge!

Registration fees increase on 7/1!The deadline to join the block is 6/26; rooms may sellout before then:


All sessions are run dual-track:

  • One room will have presentations by customers and other industry experts, sharing their broad experience and the best practices that they have developed through their own events.
  • The other room is focused on RunSignUp feature tutorials led by RunSignUp employees.

There is one short session (10:15-10:45) that divides attendees between beginners and advanced users. Not a RunSignUp customer? 101 will walk you through the basics of race setup on our platform; the Advanced Quick Hits session will share our favorite features and settings that we find even experienced races often miss – look for them on whatever platform you use!

Attendees can pick and choose which sessions to attend; RunSignUp employees will also be available throughout the day for pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings, and space will be available for individual discussions if you want a little time to collaborate with another attendee.