Why a Race CRM?

See more on CRM: What is CRM for Races? RunSignUp CRM Vision RunSignUp CRM Offering One of the questions we get is why not use an existing CRM like Salesforce? There are a variety of reasons, but the key one is that if you want to take care of your customers, all of the information... Continue Reading →

RunSignUp CRM Offering

See more on CRM: What is CRM for Races RunSignUp CRM Vision Why a Race CRM? This blog covers the new CRM capabilities RunSignUp is rolling out in addition to all of the tools and functionality we have today to enable races to manage and grow their races by leveraging the complete lifecycle tools we... Continue Reading →

RunSignUp CRM Vision

See more on CRM: What is CRM for Races RunSignUp CRM Offering Why a Race CRM? One of the original concepts of RunSignUp was that we would have a single place where your race could interact with participants and make that easy for race directors to manage their participants and grow their races. In essence,... Continue Reading →

What is CRM for Races?

See more on CRM: RunSignUp CRM Vision RunSignUp CRM Offering Why a Race CRM? CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a term that has been around since the 1990’s when Siebel used it to position their software for sales organizations. Today, CRM has become a hot topic for races who are looking to maximize their... Continue Reading →

Donation User Experience Update: Part 5

This morning we released part 5 in our Donation & Fundraising redesign. The release focuses on usability updates to the fundraiser/charity pages and pop-up windows. Highlights include: Usability and interface improvements to the fundraiser/charity pages. Larger fundraiser image Re-organization of the donation meter and top donors into a consistent side bar. Updated pop-up design that matches... Continue Reading →

Shopify Integration

Shopify is now integrated with RunSignUp for races. This means races can sell items from their Shopify stores directly in their race registration path. The initial release automatically creates Add-Ons in RunSignUp based on items in your Shopify store. The store item name, description, image, variants and inventory are automatically imported. In a release coming... Continue Reading →

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