RunSignUp Community to Sponsor BOSTON – The First-Ever Film about the Legendary Boston Marathon

Running Community Comes Together to Fund the Production of BOSTON with up to $200,000 of Donations


Los Angeles, CA, May 27, 2015 – LA Roma Films, the production company of award-winning director Jon Dunham, creator of the Spirit of the Marathon films, announced today the beginning of an innovative sponsorship agreement with RunSignUp to become an Official Sponsor of the upcoming feature documentary BOSTON.

BOSTON signifies the first time in the marathon’s 120-year history that the story of this iconic race is being told on film.  The Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) has granted unprecedented, exclusive access to the Boston Marathon to LA Roma Films, and the production will detail the rich history that makes Boston America’s Race including the extraordinary support of the entire running community after the tragic events of 2013, as well as the race’s moving return in 2014.

“The RunSignUp Community is excited to be able to sponsor BOSTON,” said Bob Bickel, RunSignUp Founder. “This movie needs to be made, and the whole running community needs to come together to make sure the funds are raised to produce the same type of high quality documentary that Jon was able to create with Spirit of the Marathon.”

“The Boston Marathon has a legendary history and our production team feels a great sense of responsibility for telling this story right,” said Dunham. “BOSTON is an independent film that needs the running community’s support.  We are excited that RunSignUp can help this important film become a reality by bringing together the collective efforts of the thousands of races and timers, and hundreds of running clubs and running stores who use their registration, results and membership.”

RunSignUp will match up to $100,000 of donations to the production of BOSTON, meaning the community is hoping to raise $200,000 in total. RunSignUp will enable races and clubs to make donations that will be matched at RunSignUp races will allow runners to make a $5.00 donation to #FundBostonFiIm with a simple checkbox on the checkout page. Races will also have the option to increase the processing fees by $0.25 per transaction, which will also be matched by RunSignUp. If even 10% of the races using RunSignUp have their runners pay the extra processing fee, it will generate $75,000, which would be matched by RunSignUp. RunSignUp Races can make these changes in their dashboard.

RunSignUp has asked that the sponsorship not be exclusive so that the entire running community can find ways to get behind the film. In particular, RunSignUp is suggesting that running clubs and running stores create Fundraising teams on Crowdrise. RunSignUp also encourages other race registration providers to take similar steps to help #FundBostonFilm.

Guy Morse, former Boston Marathon Executive Director and member of the BOSTON sponsorship team, said “We are happy to have the RunSignUp Community step up to become our first major sponsor for the film. We have a large fundraising and sponsorship goal to meet so the movie can be completed in 2016.  It is exciting to see the running community have a chance to come together in this way to support the incredible story of the Boston Marathon.”

For Information, Contact:

RunSignUp: Johanna Goode,
LA Roma Films: Megan Williams,

LA Roma Films is the production company of award winning director Jon Dunham and Academy-award nominated producer Megan Williams.  Dunham lives in Rome and Williams in LA, thus the company name.  They have collaborated on several notable documentaries including No Distance Too Far – A film of the California AIDS Ride (2002); Tell Me Cuba (2006); and Spirit of the Marathon II (2013).  They are honored to have the opportunity to produce BOSTON, the B.A.A. endorsed and supported film about the Boston Marathon. For more information on BOSTON, visit

About RunSignUp

RunSignUp is the leading innovator of online tools for races registration, race day solutions, and running clubs. Services include RunSignUp for registration, RunSignUp Go for Race Day, RunSignUp RD Go for Timers, RunSignUp Clubs to enable membership management, and RaceJoy for mobile experiences.  More than 4,000 race directors, timers, and running club officers use these services today, including leading organizations like the Boilermaker, Road Race, Crim Festival of Races, Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon, Inc., Fifth Third River Bank Run, Blacklight Run, Bubble Run, The Glo Run, Leone Timing, and many more.  Services are free except for processing fees when conducting monetary transactions such as race registration or club membership renewal.  RunSignUp is founded by runners for runners, using technical capabilities to bring the power of cloud computing to benefit the running community.  For more information, visit

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Offline Check-In App

We are still in test mode with this app.

RunSignUp has created an Offline Check-In App. Here is a video of how the app can be sued to check people in:

This is the video showing how to set up the app in the Race Director Dashboard:

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Refund Policy Retrieval

We have added easy access to the Refund Policy that each participant agreed to in the Participant Management page right below the Waiver information. This allows you to easily remind participants what the refund policy for your race is.

Refund Policy

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Improved Deferral Options

We have added some convenient deferral options. First, you can now specify specific dates (we will be moving to this as a standard over the coming weeks rather than # of days before an event). Second, you can now specify different deferral policies (dates and prices and on/off) on a per event basis as shown below:

Deferral Setup

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New Check-In App Hardware Recommendations

As we get ready to release our new Offline Check-In App, we wanted to review the details on the best options for hardware. We are also including specific installation instructions.

This is a Google Chrome App, which has a major advantage in that is can run on any device. ASUS NetbookThe negative is that printing devices only work on computers like Netbooks. Printers do NOT work on Chromebooks, and we are not testing or supporting printing on tablets or phones at this time.

So, any Chrome-capable device can do basic check-in. To do Printing, we are suggesting the following configuration:

Netbook like the Asus ($192) – Other laptops supporting Windows 8.1+ and Macs should work as well.

Mouse ($11) – Lots of users like a mouse better than a track pad. This is a mouse with a USB wire.

Barcode Reader

Barcode Reader ($23) –

Epson Receipt PrinterEpson TM-2011 Receipt Printer ($150) –

Thermal Paper for Receipt Printer ($13 for 10 rolls) –

Dymo Label PrinterDymo Labelwriter 450 Turbo Thermal Printer ($80) –

1 1/8 X 3 1/2 Thermal labels ($15 for 2 rolls of 350) –

8 Rolls Thermal Labels ($40) –

Barcode Reader Installation – none required. Just plug it into a USB port.

Epson Print Driver Installation Instructions for Windows for Chrome Apps:

  1.  Download Zadig.exe available from:
  2. Run the executable, giving it administrative permissions
  3. Select Options > List All Devices
  4. Choose ‘TM-20II’ from dropdown
  5. Verify that WinUSB driver is selected
  6. Click ‘Reinstall Driver’ and wait for installation to complete
  7. After installation the printer is now ready for printing on a Chrome App
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Donation Processing Fee Drops to as low as 4%

donateWe are pleased to announce that as a result of our work on the new Payment Processing techniques as well as the support of our partners, we are dropping the processing fee rate on donations. The rate is dependent on the payment processing mechanism set up as well as whether the race is a charitable organization.  Effective Thursday, July 2, the new rate will be:

  • 4% for Qualified Charitable organizations with Advanced Payment set up
  • 4.8% for all others.

So a $50 race fee with a $25 donation ($75 total transaction) would be calculated with a processing fee of $3.00 (6%) for the race and $1.00 (4%) for the donation.

Note there is no per transaction charge for donation only transactions – so a $1 donation would have a processing fee of just $0.04 (4% of the donation amount only, and yes, we are losing money on that type of transaction).

Note also that the way we calculate the processing fee when in combination with the race fee changes when under $50 total. As an example if there is a race fee of $25 and there is a $5 donation fee with that equals a transaction of $30.  Under the updated calculation schedule the processing fee for the race alone at $25 is $2.50, and the processing fee for the donation is $0.20 for a total processing fee of $2.70. Since the average race fee and donation amounts for RunSignUp transactions are $42 and $14, for a total transaction of $56, the average transaction total above $50 means there is no difference in processing fees with the new calculation schedule.  The $25/5 transaction does result in a higher processing fee than our previous calculations, but when taking into account the dramatic savings on stand alone donations (28% of transactions) and over $50 transaction totals (the higher the donation amount, the bigger the savings) there is an overall drop of 10% in processing fees.

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Payment Setup for Timers

Timer PartnersOur new payment on-boarding process that we rolled out on June 22nd has payment account set up options that are perfect for timers. With our Quick Start payment option you can set up payment accounts at the same time you set up races or you can set up a race and choose to set up a payment account later. You can also send an email to a Race Director or Finance Manager with instructions on completing the payment account information. Either way you can begin taking registrations right away, at the same time you set up your race.

Quick Start requires the minimum information necessary to set up a payment account with RunSignUp and it available in two modes:

Set Up Now

  • We ask you for the minimum amount of information necessary to satisfy credit card processing rules to set up your payment account
  • You can choose to make payments to yourself or to a business, charity or other non-profit entity
  • You can choose to receive either direct deposit (preferred) or check payments and can receive your payments weekly or monthly

Set Up Later (Perfect for Timers)

  • Our innovative Quick Start payment system allows you to set up your race now, begin taking registrations now and come back later to give us the instructions on the payment account
  • Send an email to a Race Director, Finance Manager or anyone who has the account details with instructions on finishing the set up of the payment account

Here is a screen shot of just how simple it is:

Timer Setup for Payment Accounts

RunSignUp also offers additional Advanced Payment account options, which require a bit more information to set up but offer benefits like; lower processing fees on donations for 501(c) 3 entities, more detailed financial reporting and payment frequency up to daily.

Our payment account process update was designed with simplicity, flexibility and ease of use in mind. Set up now or set up later. Timers can set up a race and quickly begin taking registrations right away.

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Payment System Updates Are Here

Credit Card ProcessingWe have heard your comments on the need for easier on-boarding of new payment accounts and have responded with updates to our Payment System. Users will see a simpler user interface that is designed to minimize the new information you need to enter into the system to set up a payment account. We rolled out the updated process today, June 22nd .

The highlight is that we will have a “Quick Start” option and “Advanced Payment Option” to set up new payment accounts. Quick Start requires the minimum information necessary to set up a payment account. The Advanced Payment Option requires a bit more information but rewards you with some additional benefits. Note: Existing customers need not do anything and can renew and add races to their existing payment account.

Quick Start

We will have two modes of Quick Start:

Set Up Now

  • We ask you for the minimum amount of information necessary to satisfy credit card processing rules to set up your payment account
  • You can choose to make payments to yourself or to a business, charity or other non-profit entity like a school. The form dynamically changes to meet your particular type of organization.
  • You can choose to receive either direct deposit (preferred) or check payments and can receive your payments weekly or monthly

Set Up Later (Perfect for Timers)

  • Our innovative Quick Start payment system allows you to set up your race now, begin taking registrations now and come back later to give us the instructions on the payment account

Advanced Payment Option

RunSignUp offers an Advanced Payment Option for accounts that want additional payment benefits including:

  • Payment frequency up to daily
  • More detailed financial reporting
  • The Advanced Payment Option require a little more information than a Quick Start set up to satisfy IRS and credit card processing rules
  • We will present you with the choice to enter additional information and set up the Advanced Payment Option at the time you set up your payment account
  • Any entity who wants the additional benefits can also move to the Advanced Payment Option at any time even if you have an existing payment account

We are excited to bring you this update to our system.

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