RaceTrends: Are Participants Returning?

Among the many marketing questions facing race directors is this one: do you focus your efforts on enticing previous runners to return, or seek out new participants? In an ideal world, the answer is BOTH! However, it's worth understanding the baseline "normal" expectation for participants to return to assess some of your strengths - and update... Continue Reading →

Mailchimp Integration

We have released an integration with MailChimp that automatically puts participant information into specific MailChimp lists as they sign up or are bulk imported to your race. This makes it simple for race directors who prefer to use MailChimp in addition to RunSignUp's free email service to maintain accurate and current mailing lists. To set... Continue Reading →

RunSignUp March Madness Returns!

Back for year 3: join us for a friends and family March Madness pool! We are mostly runners and triathletes...but we like to have a little fun with other sports, too! We run an internal Fantasy Football League, but March Madness is a chance to engage in some friendly competition with our friends, partners, and customers!... Continue Reading →

Sample Race Registration RFP

We have had many races approach us asking for input on creating their Request for Proposal when they are considering another registration provider. We've taken a look through the many we have received over time, and have come up with a sample template that you are free to use, edit and modify for your race.... Continue Reading →

Timer Pricing

We have introduced the ability for races and timers to agree to increase the processing fee on transactions, and for that extra fee to be paid directly to the timer. This allows timers and races to pass along some of the cost of timing a race to participants in the processing fee. This is very... Continue Reading →

Edit Multi-Use Reserved Entries

We have added a way to edit multiple-use reserved entries! If you go to the Multiple-Use Reserved Entries tab, you will now see an EDIT button next to each link:  This will allow you to update the original settings for the reserved entry, including:  Number of uses Specific Event pricing Reservation dates and settings Notes... Continue Reading →

Praying Runner Shares His Story

We saw a runner called The Praying Runner posted on Facebook that he would be running his 50th marathon at age 50 on March 4th at the Napa Valley Marathon. We were intrigued to find out his story and he graciously shared a little of life with us… Why 50 Marathons and Why Running? Thirteen... Continue Reading →

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