RunSignUp Community to Sponsor BOSTON – The First-Ever Film about the Legendary Boston Marathon

Running Community Comes Together to Fund the Production of BOSTON with up to $200,000 of Donations


Los Angeles, CA, May 27, 2015 – LA Roma Films, the production company of award-winning director Jon Dunham, creator of the Spirit of the Marathon films, announced today the beginning of an innovative sponsorship agreement with RunSignUp to become an Official Sponsor of the upcoming feature documentary BOSTON.

BOSTON signifies the first time in the marathon’s 120-year history that the story of this iconic race is being told on film.  The Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) has granted unprecedented, exclusive access to the Boston Marathon to LA Roma Films, and the production will detail the rich history that makes Boston America’s Race including the extraordinary support of the entire running community after the tragic events of 2013, as well as the race’s moving return in 2014.

“The RunSignUp Community is excited to be able to sponsor BOSTON,” said Bob Bickel, RunSignUp Founder. “This movie needs to be made, and the whole running community needs to come together to make sure the funds are raised to produce the same type of high quality documentary that Jon was able to create with Spirit of the Marathon.”

“The Boston Marathon has a legendary history and our production team feels a great sense of responsibility for telling this story right,” said Dunham. “BOSTON is an independent film that needs the running community’s support.  We are excited that RunSignUp can help this important film become a reality by bringing together the collective efforts of the thousands of races and timers, and hundreds of running clubs and running stores who use their registration, results and membership.”

RunSignUp will match up to $100,000 of donations to the production of BOSTON, meaning the community is hoping to raise $200,000 in total. RunSignUp will enable races and clubs to make donations that will be matched at RunSignUp races will allow runners to make a $5.00 donation to #FundBostonFiIm with a simple checkbox on the checkout page. Races will also have the option to increase the processing fees by $0.25 per transaction, which will also be matched by RunSignUp. If even 10% of the races using RunSignUp have their runners pay the extra processing fee, it will generate $75,000, which would be matched by RunSignUp. RunSignUp Races can make these changes in their dashboard.

RunSignUp has asked that the sponsorship not be exclusive so that the entire running community can find ways to get behind the film. In particular, RunSignUp is suggesting that running clubs and running stores create Fundraising teams on Crowdrise. RunSignUp also encourages other race registration providers to take similar steps to help #FundBostonFilm.

Guy Morse, former Boston Marathon Executive Director and member of the BOSTON sponsorship team, said “We are happy to have the RunSignUp Community step up to become our first major sponsor for the film. We have a large fundraising and sponsorship goal to meet so the movie can be completed in 2016.  It is exciting to see the running community have a chance to come together in this way to support the incredible story of the Boston Marathon.”

For Information, Contact:

RunSignUp: Johanna Goode,
LA Roma Films: Megan Williams,

LA Roma Films is the production company of award winning director Jon Dunham and Academy-award nominated producer Megan Williams.  Dunham lives in Rome and Williams in LA, thus the company name.  They have collaborated on several notable documentaries including No Distance Too Far – A film of the California AIDS Ride (2002); Tell Me Cuba (2006); and Spirit of the Marathon II (2013).  They are honored to have the opportunity to produce BOSTON, the B.A.A. endorsed and supported film about the Boston Marathon. For more information on BOSTON, visit

About RunSignUp

RunSignUp is the leading innovator of online tools for races registration, race day solutions, and running clubs. Services include RunSignUp for registration, RunSignUp Go for Race Day, RunSignUp RD Go for Timers, RunSignUp Clubs to enable membership management, and RaceJoy for mobile experiences.  More than 4,000 race directors, timers, and running club officers use these services today, including leading organizations like the Boilermaker, Road Race, Crim Festival of Races, Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon, Inc., Fifth Third River Bank Run, Blacklight Run, Bubble Run, The Glo Run, Leone Timing, and many more.  Services are free except for processing fees when conducting monetary transactions such as race registration or club membership renewal.  RunSignUp is founded by runners for runners, using technical capabilities to bring the power of cloud computing to benefit the running community.  For more information, visit

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Custom Color Themes

Race Website Color ThemeYou can now customize your Race Website with custom colors in addition to the 6 standard themes we give you. But be careful you don’t wind up with wacky looks like the one on the right!

Go to Race Page -> Race Theme. There is a new button to Add Custom Color Theme:

Race Website Color Theme

When you click that, the custom editor will pop up with whatever set of colors you have set currently (the example below shows the default blue and orange):

Race Website Custom Color

There are 6 colors to pick – Background color, Font Color and then 4 colors used in various elements on the page. To change any of them, simply click on the square. This will bring up the color editor of the computer you are on. These screen shots show a Mac – PC’s and phones will be much simpler (not as good – get a Mac!) in terms of what they have.

Race Website Color Editor

If you are trying to match another website colors, you might want to look for the “Hex Value” (here is a website, here is another, here is another) used in the webpage. On the Mac, here is where you can edit the hex code:

Race Website Hex Code

Race Website Color PreviewSimply edit each color, then save. There is a nice Preview button by each color scheme to show you what your website will really look like without having to deploy it live (only you will see the changes). This allows you to keep editing until you love the way your website looks.

Word of caution! Make sure your text shows up on your background. For example if you have a white background and pick yellow for header colors, then people will not be able to read the header.

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Thanks Mollie Bickel!

Mollie Bickel is our number one reader of this blog! Thanks Mollie!

Here’s a picture from a few years ago…


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Free Race Website

Blacklight RunAre you proud of your race website?

Your Race Website is important. It provides your year round public image, providing important information to your runners and a way to attract new runners. But building and maintaining a nice looking, modern, mobile-centric website is hard and expensive.

RunSignUp just made it FREE.

Most races can not afford a real website or do not have the time or technical capability to build a website. So they rely on their registration company for a simple webpage, or a town or school website to put up a page or two. The problem with this is that it may not give your race:

  • Mobile Race WebsiteVisibility (ads for other races, or no ability to highlight your brand, or sponsors)
  • Useful Information for Runners (all the specifics of your race like packet pickup, parking, course map, awards, etc. that are not registration specific)
  • Flexibility to highlight the things that are important for your race (having the ability to create your own pages and control over your own menu of pages)
  • Mobile friendly (currently 48% of web visitors are on mobile phones and another 9% are on tablet – so your site has to think mobile-first)

When you create a race on RunSignup, you automatically get your own modern race website that brings your race to a higher level with the following features:

  • Race WebsiteNative Mobile Race Website
  • Everything about your race in one place – no popping between different looking websites for registration, donations, race info, results, participant searching, etc.
  • Your own Logo and Cover Photo are the highlight of your site (no ads)
  • Pick your own color palette
  • Automatically created pages for common things like Race Info, SignUp, Donate, Find a Participant, Results, Gift Certificates, Store, Volunteers, Sponsors and more based on what you set up for your race
  • Add your own Custom Pages for things like Course Map, Awards, Packet Pickup information, etc.
  • Find a ParticipantFully integrated with the database – for example the “Find a Participant” page contains the people who signed up 1 second ago, results are posted as soon as your timer posts them, a price change occurs on your Race Info page as well as on the registration page.
  • SEO automatic optimizations (Google ranks mobile-ready highly, RunSignUp uses special tags, URL combinations and site maps that optimize for searches, and your race benefits from the high quality score of the RunSignUp site).
  • Facebook ShareNice URL –
  • Automated Social Sharing on Facebook, Twitter and others
  • Built-in Google Analytics
  • Continuous improvements that are made by RunSignUp without any effort on your part to add features and improve the functionality

These features are all available for free to your race. No need to get a hosting account, no need to get a developer or learn WordPress. You can adjust everything yourself at any time and incrementally add information and refine the look of your website over time. We have lots of video tutorials that show how easy it is to change the cover photo or color scheme, as well as add your own custom content and menu.

Are you ready to update your race to a real website? Take a look at the following two examples, or visit them live on the web and play around with them:
Sample Simple 5K Website
Sample Advanced 10K & Half Website

Simple Race Website Overview and Registration on Mobile

Advanced Website Example

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Mobile Native

IMG_4789We just released a bunch of refinements to really make the sign up process “Mobile Native”. This means everything is optimized for a great mobile experience.

Minimize Typing
For example on the right when you enter the ZipCode field the full number keypad appears to make it easy to enter. Also as you enter the 5th digit, we automatically do a lookup of the city and state and automatically fill those in.

Small Changes Add Up
We made a complete set of small changes that makes a big difference since 48% of people coming to RunSignUp were on mobile phones last month. In the examples below you will note the email entry has the @ on the keyboard. And the Store has the number keypad come up on iPhones.

Race Website Mobile Native  Race Website Native Mobile

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Custom Sections upgraded to Custom Pages

Race Website Custom ContentWe used to give races the chance to add Custom Sections to the race info page. With the new Race Website upgrade, Custom Sections can now be Custom Pages as well. You can see how to make that upgrade here.

This is now accessible directly from the Race Dashboard as well as in the Wizard.

Race Website Custom Page

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Enhanced Self-Serve Add-On Management

We have added some big refinements to allow race directors to customize how runners can manage their add-ons.

This let’s a runner remove an item (note there is not a refund for these), and buy additional add-ons (if they remove items and buy other items in the same transaction they do get credit for the removed items).

Here is the setup page:

Participant Management for Add-ons

The setup allows you to set an overall policy, or on a per add-on basis. In the above example it has been turned on and it allows runners to make a change up to 1 day prior to the event.

You can also customize this on a per add-on basis. There are three add-ons shown:

  • Send bib. This is set to a custom setting, and it is NOT allowed to be managed. This means a runner can not come in after registration and pay for their bib to be sent to them.
  • Pre-Pay Race Day Pickup. This is set to use the overall settings, which means that people can buy this add-on until 1 day before the event.
  • Upgrade to VIP. This allows a person to both upgrade as well as remove this add-on.

The option not shown is to allow people to buy, but not remove. That would be done by simply unchecking the box by “Allow participant to remove already purchased add-ons.”

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Hiding Pages in your Race Website

Hide Menu ItemsYou can now hide pages in your race website from the Race Page -> Menu Order page on your race dashboard.

This is useful if you had a store, but no longer have items to sell.

It also allows you to work on a page for your website and not make it available on the menu (the URL will still work even though it is not visible – for example I’ve shut down the Store page on my website but you can still get to it.

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