Kick off the Holiday Season with a Halloween Themed Race in RaceJoy!

Whether your race is eerily screeching past October or ringing in the New Year, the fall and winter holidays offer the perfect chance for participants and spectators to get out and enjoy the change of seasons. Races across the country are embracing the holiday season through running, walking and cycling experiences that also offer RaceJoy.


Adding to the fun race experience of costumes and themed post-race celebrations, race organizers are offering RaceJoy’s live phone tracking, progress alerts and cheers!


Each runner, walker and cyclist who carries their phone will have access to RaceJoy’s interactive race day features.

For those family and friends who prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes during the cold winter seasons, RaceJoy allows them to stay connected to their loved ones out on the course by tracking them live on a map view as their blue dot moves along the course. Users can also get updated on tracked participants’ progress with in-app notifications that provide continual updates with pace and estimated finish time.


So, whether you want to track them along the course from home and motivate remotely or brave the cold to greet them at the finish, RaceJoy can help make your race day experience easier!

Supporting family and friends can also motivate their tracked participants by sending fun, prerecorded audio cheers or personalized Text-to-Cheer messages.

RaceJoy loves the holiday season, and we’ve got you covered with special cheers for each season. Don’t be too scared to try the sample Halloween cheer below!


Kicking off the holiday season includes Halloween and costume races such as:

Races! Don’t miss out on the chance to offer RaceJoy’s advanced tracking features to your participants and spectators. Affordable pricing options are available for any race or sponsor to offer the interactive race day experience. Innovative tools for race organizers are available including race day monitoring and race operations management. For more information about offering RaceJoy, click here or watch this video overview.


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Unsubscribed Emails

There is a now a list of unsubscribed emails for Email marketing. This is available in a  report as well as a downloadable CSV. This is helpful if you use other email marketing tools and want to make sure you honor all unsubscribed addresses across various email marketing platforms.

This report is available under EMail Marketing -> Unsubscribed participants.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 12.39.04 AM.png

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bikesignuplogoWe have created a new logo and URL for customers with bike races and bike trips – This means that races will have a nice URL ( and a logo that has two wheels🙂.

Any race that is designated as a Bike Race or Bike Trip in the Race Creation Wizard will be listed in the search page –

All races (bike, run, walk, tri, etc.) are actually listed on both and And Race Directors will be able to see all of their races from either Dashboard. For example and are live, but the URL and header image is different for each website.

This meets a request from a number of bike races and trips that wanted a bike oriented website.

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Participant Cap Report for Partners

Partners can now see a report across all of their races and events on how many participants are signed up and how many remaining spots are open:


This report is available from the Partner Dashboard under Participants -> Reports:


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RaceJoy Menu Item on Race Websites

You can now make RaceJoy a menu item and separate page on your Race website. The setting is in the Miscellaneous Settings on your race dashboard if you have RaceJoy enabled.


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Corporate Team Coupon Support

Corporate Teams members can now use coupons. The setting is int he Corporate Team Options:

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 5.24.32 PM.png

If you enable coupons for corporate team members please note the following:

  1. If a team is partially paying for it’s members, the discount is applied after the team portion is determined. For example, if the event is $100 and the team will pay 50% for it’s members and a member then uses a coupon for 50% off, then the corporate team will be charged $50 and the member will get a discount of $25 and will pay $25.
  2. If corporate team members get special pricing, the discount will be on that pricing, so be careful with fixed amount discounts.
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Corporate Team Share Link with Password

Corporate Teams can set passwords to minimize the possibility of non-employees joining the team. We have added an option to this where a Corporate Team Captain can share a link that also includes a token that eliminates the password. This link is on the Corporate Team Captain’s view of the Team Page:

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 5.41.18 PM.png

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