RunSignUp Fundraising 4.0 Offers a Solution to Charity-First Races, Walks, and Rides

donationsgraphicMoorestown, NJ – RunSignUp, the leading race management platform for promotion, registration, and race day has added an upgraded fundraising platform to allow large nonprofits and fundraising events to complete the lifecycle of their event on a single platform. The new Fundraising Platform addresses the needs of many charity-first races, walks, and rides that need modern technology to maximize funds raised without sacrificing the needs of the participants, fundraisers, or donors with outdated technology.

While the new fundraising and donations features were implemented with the guidance of large, fundraising-first events, all races that include a charity component will also have automatic access to the upgraded options. RunSignUp Founder Bob Bickel says of the release, “The 4th generation of RunSignUp Fundraising, delivers the power of the purpose-built peer-to-peer fundraising platforms used by leading charity races, walks, and rides in the US. It was constructed through the guidance of charitable organizations like the Semper Fi Fund, CASA, and Komen Race for the Cure.”

Elaine Grobman, Chief Executive Officer of Susan G Komen Philadelphia, said “We are excited to move to the new RunSignUp platform for the 2017 Race for the Cure in Philadelphia. We expect the mobile design, the ease of use for our fundraisers and donors, the advanced marketing tools and the truly integrated experience from Promotion to Registration to Fundraising to Race Day to have a positive impact on this year’s race.”

The system has been built to accommodate:

Integrated Fundraising and Registration:

  • Promotion, Registration, Fundraising and Race Day on a single platform for a smooth user experience and no juggling of multiple vendors
  • Mobile friendly process for Registration, Fundraising, Donation, RaceDay and Race Director Dashboard.
  • Customize separate questions for Participants and Fundraisers in one smooth SignUp process
  • Open API for easy integration with other technology partners
  • Reliable system with 99.998% uptime – only 8 minutes of scheduled downtime in 2015 and 0 downtime in 2016.
  • Live, up-to-the-minute reporting on registration and fundraising with ability to track year-over-year.
  • Ability for users to store credit cards for registrations & donations


  • Donations can be made during registration, directly to the charity or to a fundraiser.
  • Offline donations can be recorded, with management and reporting for both online and offline donation management.
  • Automated, customized donor receipts from charity and from fundraisers
  • Matching Gift Program with integrated HEP Data for finding employers
  • Simple, Low 4% processing fee on donations, with the option for donors to pay


  • Opt to automatically create fundraiser pages for participants (and/or teams of participants)
  • Offer fundraisers email and social sharing tools to help them promote their fundraising effort.
  • Optional Pledge management – so donors can make donations on a per mile basis for example with automated invoicing and payment collection.
  • Optional ability to make all participants become Fundraisers, with options to defer Fundraising page setup until after registration
  • Imported Fundraisers.
  • Handles large scale with thousands of fundraisers and fundraising teams
  • Comprehensive reports on all fundraisers to make it easy to manage both highly engaged fundraisers and large numbers of fundraisers of smaller amounts

As part of the open RunSignUp strategy, RunSignUp will also continue to support Crowdrise and First Giving as options for donations and fundraising; there will also be an enhancement of the Crowdrise integration coming soon.

More information about the RunSignUp Fundraising Platform can be found here; more information about RunSignUp’s full suite of race tools can be found at

About RunSignUp

RunSignUp is the leading innovator of online tools for races registration, race day solutions, and running clubs. Services include RunSignUp for registration, RunSignUp Go for Race Day, RunSignUp RD Go for Timers, RunSignUp Clubs to enable membership management, and RaceJoy for mobile experiences.  More than 10,000 race directors, timers, running club officers and running stores use these services today, including leading organizations like the Boilermaker Road Race, Crim Festival of Races, Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon, Inc., Fifth Third River Bank Run, Komen Race for the Cure Toledo, Mercedes Marathon, Kentucky Derby Festival, Leone Timing, KC Running Company, Compuscore Timing, Knoxville Track Club, Pike Peak Road Runners, Gulf Coast Runners, Columbus Running Company, Playmakers Running Store and many more. In 2015, over 10,000 races used the system to register more than 2.7 million participants.  Services are free except for processing fees when conducting monetary transactions such as race registration or club membership renewal.  RunSignUp is founded by runners for runners, using technical capabilities to bring the power of cloud computing to benefit the running community.  For more information, visit

Referral Sharing Code in EMail Marketing

We’ve removed the tag %REGISTRATION_REFERRAL_CODE% from the Email Marketing system. Some customers were confused that this was a link that could be used by referrers – when it was actually just the code itself. Please use either:


Custom RaceDay Web Results from The Race Director

racedirector-logoThe Race Director is one of the two leading scoring packages used by timers, along with RunScore. Both offer tight integration with RunSignUp – bi-directionally syncing participant information, posting results, sending TXT notifications of results, etc.

One of the features we built in RaceDay Results (aka RunSignUp Results – the ones that show up as part of a Race website), is the ability to upload a custom result set. This means that The Race Director and RunScore can basically post any report and format they want onto the web easily. We originally built this for RunScore, since there is not a fixed format to the data schema.

Recently, The Race Director added the capability to upload Custom Results Sets. It is set up on this interface in The Race Director:


The define the page information:


Overall Finish List – right now, this is available only for when you are producing a finish list with no splits.  In this local race, quite a few who registered are identified as Gerber employees in an optional data field.  When the output is produced all the settings from the report prompt as far as which columns to include come into play just as they do when you produce the report to spreadsheet or HTML.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.26.41 PM.png

Team Reports – I really like how this comes out for detail team results.  This may be the blueprint for how we tackle cross country.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.27.53 PM.png

Predicted Time and Age Graded Result –

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.28.46 PM.png

As timers get a sense of this and want other reports included, let us know and we will try to add them.


Technology Change Rates

I attended a talk by Thomas Friedman last night. He showed a slide that relates very much to what we do here at RunSignUp:

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 9.57.56 AM.png

His point was more global – that technology is changing faster than human’s ability to keep up with the change. For example at one point in the US, 98% of the population was agrarian, and it is now 2%. That change took many, many years, allowing humans to make the adjustments. Now, there is not the luxury of time – to be successful you must harness technology and leverage its power.

He pointed out 2007 as a key year that was the initial start of this next wave. That was the year the iPhone came out and Amazon became really serious about the AWS Cloud (who could have imagined a website like RunSignUp that had a half a million page views from cell phones on Thanksgiving day 10 years ago?). This democratization of technology brought a huge shift that allows many, many downstream technology enhancements that simply were not possible before. Many people are having trouble with this pace of change.

As we pointed out a few weeks ago, RunSignUp is on the right side of technology. We are bringing out new technology that races can use for free or very inexpensively. Race Directors who are stuck in the past will get passed by with advances like GPS tracking with phones, Photos, marketing and promotional tools. And much like Amazon’s success with AWS, the key to our strategy is the democratization of technology for races – even little 5K’s can have the types of tools that used to be available only to races like New York or Boston.

As we continue to pour out technology, we want to make sure you can take advantage of it. This is the reason for our extensive How To’s, our Case Studies, Customer Videos, the RunSignUp Symposium, our Webinar Series, and of course our customer support and account management teams. But as Thomas pointed out, the new world driven by technology only works well for the humans who adapt to it and spend the time to learn about how to make the technology part of their lives, businesses – and races.