Waiver Options

WaiverOver the past couple of months, RunSignUp has introduced several powerful options for waiver requirements that your race may want to use. This blog reviews all of the current options.

DISCLAIMER: We are not lawyers and can not warrant our default waiver will cover all of your needs. Likewise, with the options below we are not claiming that any of these are needed or that any of them will meet your needs in courts of law. Note also that the USA Triathlon waiver is a separate (additional) process from the race waiver and is not covered in this blog.

Create WaiverThe Basics
First, each race can set up their own waiver as part of the Race Wizard Registration step. We include a fairly simple default waiver that was used by a customer who gave us permission to reuse. You can simply type your own waiver into the text box in the Registration Step of the Wizard.

The default acknowledgement of the Waiver is a simple checkbox that you can see on the first image in this blog with the words: “By checking this box, I agree to the waiver and that I am 18 or older, or that I have the authority to register there participants and agree to the waiver for them.”

Waiver ReprotThe Participant Report offers a column to see when the waiver was signed as shown in the sample on the right. As you add more advanced features below, there are mechanisms to find part participants who have not signed their waiver (although int he default mode the person doing the registration is basically agreeing to the waiver on behalf of all participants).

Advanced Waiver Options:

In the wizard on the Registration step, there are a variety of options you can choose from for more advanced waiver capabilities:

Waiver Options

The options are pretty self explanatory as laid out above.  You can choose one of the options for having each registrant recorded by checkbox or having them also enter their name/Initials and Date of Birth or todays date in a variety of combinations. RunSignUp will confirm that the signature or initials and date matches. Here is an example of requiring the name for each registrant looks like:

Waiver Signatures for each participant

Signing Waiver Later
Waiver LaterIn the setup screen, you will note the checkbox at the bottom that allows participants to sign the waiver later. As shown to the right, an email is sent to the participant that still needs to sign their waiver. The person will receive an email that looks like this:

Waiver to sign Email

Before the waiver is signed, the Participant Report will look like this, showing that Allison does not have a signed waiver.

Unsigned Waiver Report

When the link in the email is signed, they are sent to a page that looks like this to complete the signing of their waiver:

Waiver Signature

Race Check-In of Waivers
Check-In OptionsThe Check-In popup can be customized to show whether the waiver has been signed or not. This can initiate a simple process to have participants sign a paper waiver on site. Here is what the pop-up looks like:

Check-In Waiver

In summary, RunSignUp provides a full range of options for your race regarding waiver options.

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Amazon and RunSignUp

AmazonIf you are not familiar with Amazon’s Annual Letter from Jeff Bezos, it is worth reading (annually of course). I’ve been a big fan for years, and enjoyed reading this year’s annual letter, which also always includes a copy of his first annual letter from 1997 – “But this is day 1 for the Internet and, if we execute well, for Amazon.com”.

The quote that struck me this year applies so well to what we are trying to do at RunSignUp:

We’ll approach the job with our usual tools: customer obsession rather than competitor focus, heartfelt passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and a willingness to think long term.”

We use Amazon AWS as our infrastructure. He spends a lot of time covering AWS in this year’s letter, and calls out in particular the Aurora Database Service. We have been a Beta tester of this, and it holds great promise for increased performance, reliability, and availability for the RunSignUp core database. Technically speaking, it is the crown jewels and it is nice to know the future is so bright that it has caught Jeff Bezos attention! We made a great decision back in 2012 to switch to AWS as our core platform and it has continued to be a key to our ability to provide a super fast and very reliable service to our customers.

The other thing Bezos talks about in his letter that applies to us:

A dreamy business has at least four characteristics: Customers love it, it can grow to a very large size, it has strong returns on capital, and it’s durable in time… We are now happily web to three such life partners – Marketplace, Prime and AWS.

Albeit at a much, much smaller scale (our ambitions are much more focused than Amazon’s since we are solely focused on the Endurance market), RunSignUp is in a similar position with RunSignUp Registration, The Race Director/RD Go, and the RaceJoy Mobile App.

We take inspiration from companies like Amazon who invest over a period of years to reach a critical mass. RunSignUp and The Race Director are clearly at critical mass and gaining each month. It is clear that RaceJoy will reach 1 Million+ users within 2 years and that RD Go will continue on The Race Director tradition on a modern technology platform.

It is marvelous what “customer obsession rather than competitor focus, heartfelt passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and a willingness to think long term” will do…

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Enhanced Refund Policy Options

Custom Refund PolicyYou can now easily add your own refund policy. This policy will appear on the checkout page and on the confirmation page. In addition, you can add a checkout and make the purchaser enter their initials.

Set this up in the Participant Management – Refunds page:

Refund Policy

You can set the option on whether you want just the message to appear, the user click a checkbox or to enter their initials:

Refund Policy Acknowledgement

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CASA Superhero Run Richmond Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This CASA Superhero Run Case Study focuses on creating a family-friendly event, cultivating fundraisers, and creating a positive volunteer experience.

View the PDF Version of the CASA Superhero Run Case Study

Case Study Header for WordPress

CASA Superhero Run Richmond and RunSignUp

The CASA Superhero Run in Richmond uses a unique, family oriented run as a successful fundraiser.

Picture1About the CASA Superhero Run (Richmond

Every child needs a hero, but abused children need superheroes!

The CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) program supports and promotes court-appointed volunteer advocacy so that every abused and neglected child can be safe, establish permanence and have the opportunity to thrive.

While many CASA programs now host Superhero Runs as fundraisers, Richmond was the first to tie the two together.  Barbara & Ruth Anne, the Executive Directors at Henrico County & Chesterfield, teamed up as Race Directors 6 years ago because the CASA mission was consistent with the Superhero Foundation’s Mission, and created a fundraising event that was healthy and family friendly.

More than a Race

The CASA Run is designed to have something for everyone.  They have 3 Event Options: A Kid’s Run (12 & Under), an Adult 5K Race (12 & Under), and a Kid’s 5K Race (12 & Under). The race gives out good, unusual prizes, and does get participation from fast, competitive runners who want to win awards; on the other hand, costumes are encouraged, and the festive atmosphere is appealing to runners and non-runners alike.

Picture2In addition to the running events, the CASA Superhero Run event includes a family festival for kids of all ages.  The festival evolves each year, but is much more than just a food truck and some music: they have included things like kid’s games, playgrounds, bouncy houses, obstacle courses, fire truck tours, and Karate exhibitions. The festival is special because it has draw for all generations, and encourages people to come out every year, regardless of whether or not they are able to participate in the run.

Picture3Making a Case to Sponsors

Sponsors are a key piece in collecting revenue for CASA from the event; to maximize sponsor dollars, they work individually with each Sponsor to find a tradeoff that makes Sponsorship worthwhile for the specific company.  While some companies view it as an opportunity to get their name seen, other companies have different motivations; for example; one Sponsor uses it as a chance to get their employees to interact outside of work, and has 20 employees sign up to participate in the event.  Regardless, CASA is flexible to find a mutually beneficial solution for a potential sponsor.

The Bottom Line: Fundraising through the Run

The 2015 CASA Superhero Run collected donations using the RunSignUp Donations & Fundraising Platform.  Runners had the option to be Individual Fundraisers, organize Team Fundraisers, or just make a donation without becoming a Fundraiser.

The 2015 CASA Superhero Run collected $17,224 in Donations & Fundraising.

Cultivating Fundraisers

While many unaffiliated runners will make Picture4a simple donation in the registration process, becoming a Fundraiser (and actively seeking donations to a Fundraising Page) is a bigger commitment that CASA can usually only get from people who already have an investment in the cause. They encourage Board Members to Fundraise, and have Fundraisers who are really just Champions for the Cause, and fundraise year after year.

Barbara & Ruth Anne are careful to cultivate year-round relationships with their top, committed fundraisers.  While there is no formal reward Picture5structure for fundraisers, they do offer cool ways to stay involved as opportunities arise – for example, in the past they gave a top fundraiser with some graphic skills the opportunity to design their race shirt.

The top Fundraiser in 2015 raised $3,183

Creating a Positive Volunteer Experience

Barbara and Ruth Anne take pride in having built a positive experience for their volunteers that ensures they return in future years.  Because they recruit volunteers as a part of their jobs, they are able to take advantage of connections that they have for volunteer recruitment, and they find volunteers by appealing to groups.

Once they have volunteers signed on, they are able to keep them by providing them with a really good experience.  To do so, they use a lot of communication, give clear instructions, and make sure all volunteers have a clearly defined purpose on Race Day.  They also appoint Volunteer Coordinators to make sure that there are clear lines of communication even in the chaos of race morning.

The attention to communication pays off: They’ve been told by volunteers that the CASA Run was “the best volunteer experience we’ve had,” and volunteers do return year after year.

If you have a success story about your race, store or club, big or small,  email us…we’d love to explore a Case Study on your topic!

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Welcome Matt Avery!

Matt AveryWe are really happy to welcome Matt Avery as our latest addition to the RunSignUp Team! Matt will be helping customers use RunSignUp, The Race Director and RaceJoy better by helping answer support questions, producing How To and training material and helping us with designing our next generation of solutions – especially in the area of Race Day Go. Matt will be our first full time “weekend warrior” to help customers on the weekends. Up until now we have rotated the weekend support duty of watching the info@runsignup.com support email inbox and responding. Matt will provide a higher quality of support than we were able to with a rotating schedule especially for timers and the many race day features we are releasing.

Matt is moving from Rochester to live in Philadelphia and work in the Moorestown, NJ office. Matt is coming from YellowJacket Racing, where he was the lead timer. YellowJacket is a partner of RunSignUp and Matt approached us a number of months ago about having an interest in joining our fast growing company. We worked with Matt and YellowJacket to make sure there was a smooth transition and we did not leave one of our partners in a tough position. Matt will go back for several races during the course of the year to help them out, and he did about 6 weeks of training to their team before he left.

Matt graduated with a degree in Computer Science, which fits our techie culture perfectly at RunSignUp! Matt is an accomplished runner himself – he holds the College at Brockport school record in the 8K XC course, and finished 85th in D3 Nationals in 2010.

Matt plays, records and produces music in his free time. So expect to hear some original background music coming int he future in our How To videos!

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Ultra Relay Runners Use RaceJoy’s Live GPS Tracking


Starting on Friday, May 1 and running through Saturday, May 2, we had participants in the American Odyssey Ultra Relay race use RaceJoy’s live GPS tracking. This is a 200-mile, 36-hour relay race that travels from Gettysburg to Washington, DC. The race offers an “Odyssey” travel through history and defines Odyssey as:

…a long series of wanderings or adventures, especially when filled with notable experiences and hardships…”


The event’s race director reached out to us to see about using RaceJoy for tracking and we loaded in the course map with the various legs of this historic odyssey event. 120 race participants had their phones tracked during the weekend and 60 additional spectators tracking them live on the course. Participants and spectators sent 450 audio cheer clips in RaceJoy, sustaining the relay runners through 36 hours of running.

Race directors of Ultra events report a consistent issue with people getting lost. The participants can get in a kind of mindless running state, some even miss turns. This can turn into a big problem and can be pretty scary for the runner – especially at night. With RaceJoy, the runner can quickly view themselves in relation to the course using either the tracking screen or the MeetUp feature and quickly get back on track. And others can see right where the runner is and call them when seeing they are off course.

What was interesting about this, was seeing the teams use tracking to help coordinate and plan the run. We saw that most kept their tracking on even went they weren’t running the current leg. And, it went both ways; not only did the team track the runner on the current leg, but the runners could see where their teammates were at any time. We are seeing a lot of interest from relay teams for RaceJoy and for all types of race events.


If you are a race organizer and would like to get your race added to RaceJoy, simply enable RaceJoy in the RunSignUp GO platform and provide your course map electronically (KML, GPX or link to map). You can also email this to addrace@racejoy.com. We require a minimum of two weeks to load and will send you notice and promotion toolkit once it is active. This is free to the event and the participant and spectator pay a 99 cents per race upgrade fee. Buyout options are available for race organizers to offer RaceJoy for free. For more information on the buyout option, please see our PhoneTrak Pricing Flyer.

PhoneTrakPhoneRaceJoy key features:

Live phone tracking

Audio cheer sending

Near Me Proximity alerts

MeetUp mapping feature

Now Available! GPS Progress Alerts

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Group/Team Closing Date

Team Closing DateWe now provide a way to set a date when joining teams is no longer allowed. This was a request from the Fifth Third River Bank Run, and makes sense for races who need to coordinate team bibs and other team oriented resources and continue to leave regular registration open.

The option is under Advanced Settings in the Groups/Team setup page. Note that changes are frozen after this time by team and group members as well.

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