Processing Fee Price Elasticity

There is a wide variance in processing fees consumers are willing to pay for different events - from low RunSignup-like fees to high Ticketmaster type fees. And yet consumers are willing to still sign up for the race or buy the tickets. If you've taken an Econ course, you've heard this phenomenon referred to as... Continue Reading →

Need RunSignup Logos?

We have a new "Press" page on our website...but it's not only for the media. If you scroll down past a quick description of us and a rundown of our most recent press releases, you'll find a set of downloadable logos in various formats. Why might you need these? Some events and partners want to... Continue Reading →

RunSignup March Madness is Back!

Back for year 4: join us for a friends and family March Madness pool! We are mostly runners and triathletes...but we like to have a little fun with other sports, too! We run an internal Fantasy Football League, but March Madness is a chance to engage in some friendly competition with our friends, partners, and customers.... Continue Reading →

Team Fundraising Page Co-Captains

Last year, we released a co-captain feature for team fundraising pages. The feature gives team fundraising captains the ability to grant other users captain access for their fundraising team. This is helpful for large fundraising teams or teams that are managed by corporations. Team captains can grant this access from the FUNDRAISING section of their... Continue Reading →

The Re-branding Process

Re-branding is simple, right? Slap together a new logo, and you’re off to the races. Or...not. We recently went through a re-branding, and while the specifics are different for a race than for a technology company, there are some takeaways from our process events can relate to. Step 1: Who are we? We worked with... Continue Reading →

RaceDay Certified Timer Spotlight: Craig Chiger

Craig Chiger, founder of Start to Finish (located in Long Beach, NY), attended RunSignup’s RaceDay Certification training in Orlando, Fla. this year. Since then, he has incorporated RaceJoy's  live tracking and cheer sending as one of the standard services they are now offering as part of their overall timing package to all 50 races that they... Continue Reading →

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