RunSignUp Integration with Agee Timing Software

RSU-AgeeAgee Race Timing Software has partnered with RunSignUp to provide a comprehensive integration with their Race Timing Software.

Brian Agee has put together a complete manual for the integration here.  A few highlights:

Race Setup

AgeeRSU1If you have existing races on RunSignUp and want to download the information into your  AgeeRSU2Agee Software, simply use the Options menu to sign into an External (RunSignUp) Account, using your RunSignUp login information, and elect to “Create Race”, “From Account”.

When you download your participant information from RunSignUp to Agee, you will receive a few prompts that relate specifically to the way information is defined within the Agee system:

  • Agee separates “Runners” and “Walkers” and will ask you to either create a Custom Question in RunSignUp requiring participants to select one, or to allow Agee to automatically create the custom question for you.  Note: allowing Agee to create the custom question will delete any existing custom questions you have on RunSignUp.  If you have already set up any custom questions, you should add the Runner/Walker question yourself.
  • Agee will suggest you either set up your “Giveaway” (if you have Tshirt for your race), or let Agee create your Giveaway automatically.  Note: allowing Agee to create the Giveaway will delete any existing Giveaways on RunSignUp.

AgeeRSU4You will also be given the option to download Bib Numbers as they were assigned in RunSignUp, or set new Bib Numbers.


A unique piece to this integration is Agee’s ability to initiate Race Creation directly within the Timing Software for you to complete within RunSignUp.  To start your race on Agee:

  • AgeeRSU3Use the “Create Race”, “New Race” option and fill in the basics of your Race.  You will be able to verify the URL for your Race Web Page and pass the information with the click of a button by choosing “Create Website”.
  • Agee can automatically create the Runner/Walker Custom Question and Giveaway Setup for you.

Data Syncing

At any point, you can click the “Sync” button in Agee to pull down new participant data or changes from RunSignUp.  Additionally, you can update Race Information in Agee and choose to “Update Website” to sync those changes to the RunSignUp Web Page, or jump directly to RunSignUp to access all our regular features.


Use a simple “Publish Results” button to manually upload results into RunSignUp.



If you are using RunSignUp and Agee, please go to the ART/RSU Login Page to Sign In.  This will help us if you need any support with the integration.

“I use RunSignUp as my online registration vendor already.  I like them because they give a little “widget” that I can paste directly onto a webpage on my site that makes it look like runners are signing up at Ohio Race Day.  Now that RunSignup integrates with Agee Race Timing, I’m really excited.”
– Michael B

We’re excited about this integration as well. Please let us know how it is working for your race.

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Partial Outage

redundancyIn our ongoing effort to report all availability issues, we experienced a partial issue this morning from about 5:30AM until 8:30AM Eastern.  Due to our high level of redundancy, we processed transactions throughout and user would have only had an issue on their initial connection to the site and upon clicking refresh they would have gotten through.  This was probably less than half of users hitting a page for the first time.

Our automated processes to detect and repair the instance were not successful since there was a hardware failure on one of the load balancers.  The script normally handles this type of issue, but there was a unique occurrence we had not seen before.  Needless to say, we have updated the script and can now handle this type of error.

Here is a log of the successful transactions so you can see that most went thru.  The ramp up after 8 is normal since that is when more users are awake and beginning to sign up for races:


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Race Series Scoring Update

Series ScoringWe have made a small update to the Race Series Scoring capability.  The issue is when two users have been merged by mistake.  Here is the scenario:

1. User A has results in Race 1 and Race 3.

2. User B has results in Race 2 and Race 3.

3. Director uploads results for Race 1 and Race 2.

4. Director merges participant for User A and User B into a single participant.

5. Director tries to upload results for Race 3.

It now ignores the conflict and gives a warning of the issue.  So those two runners would not be scored correctly.  To correct, you need to delete the results and re upload.

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E-Commerce Data by Traffic Source



We have extended the initial Google Analytics traffic source reporting introduced a couple of months ago to now include e-Commerce data. This means we show you the total checkout $ amount based on where the runner originated. For example, in the data below, the Scranton Half Marathon can see most of the revenue has come from their own website (where they have the RunSignUp Registration widget embedded).  (direct) means registrations done in RunSignUp. It is interesting to see the Mobile version of Facebook has higher revenue than the regular Facebook site – demonstrating the importance of Mobile registration for race.

You can access this right from the Promotion Menu under Google Analytics (which is the source of the data and tracking mechanisms).

Google Financial Data


Note we only have data for registrations after August 8, 2014.


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New Financial Reports for Accountants

New Payment ReportWe have had a few customers help give us input on developing a new set of Financial Reports that can help them reconcile their payments better. We have implemented these reports on a Race basis as well as a Partner basis (so multi-race customers can see across multiple races in a single report). In addition, we have given you an easy way to add your own financial codes to each type of payment (each event in a race, store items, coupons, etc.) which is convenient for races who enter more details into their financial system like Quickbooks.

The new Payment Report Download will be an Excel file that has multiple tabs in it. The first page has a list of all payments for your race as well as a quick summary of what the categories are that make up those payments as shown below:

Payments Spreadsheet

Each tab shows each individual payment. Note that the codes in the right hand column are the ones that you can set up on a per race basis. This will make it simpler for entering payments into Quickbooks and with reconciliation. Note also that in this screen shot cell A18 “Download All Transactions”, is actually al ink that will do just that (we will see an example later).

 Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.51.44 AM


Setting up Account Numbers is simple. Under the Financial Tab, you will see a new page for Account Numbers that will show each of your events as well as about 30 other potential categories.

The per transaction report shows the details of each individual transaction. Note there is a description that you can do sorting on to find all types of transactions such as donations registrations, etc.:

Transaction Detail

For Partners, you can access the new reports from your Payments List.  Click either the summary or the details on the right:

Partner Report Access

From the Race/Club Summary, you can download a report that gives you a snapshot across all of your races by date range:

Partner Snapshot across a number of races by date


You again can drill down into the individual transactions as shown above.  There is also an additional report that has a columns for each category of transaction (there are actually over 30 like each race, donations, store items, add-ons, giveaways with cost, refunds, transfer fees, processing fees by type, etc.), which gives you very fine grained control.  We have one partner who writes macros to analyze this report and reconcile on a per transaction basis across their various account. It is similar to the transaction report shown above except the description of the transaction is placed horizontally rather than embedded in a column.

Fine Grained Transaction by columns

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Colony Grill Hot Oil 5K Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Colony Grill Case Study focuses on creating a sell-out race built around a single sponsor.

View the PDF Version of the Colony Grill Hot Oil 5K Case Study




Overview: The Colony Grill Hot Oil 5K uses a strong sponsor connection and a unique route to build a sell-out event that the community can get behind.

About the Colony Grill Hot Oil 5K: The Colony Grill Hot Oil 5K began in 2010 as a 600-person sell-out race.  Over the last 4 years, they have proven their community value enough to continue building on their participant cap, and have reached a 1,500 sell-out for 2014.

Sponsor Ties: Creating a Race Around ONE Strong Sponsor

The Colony Grill is a 3-location Connecticut Grill.  The Colony Grill 5K is built around the Fairfield edition of the Colony Grill.  The Race does not take additional monetary sponsors (they do have other in-kind sponsors.  This single sponsor model has some unique benefits:


Logistical Benefits of a Sell-Out

598565_10151097940126254_40537915_nBecause they have always sold out, the Colony Grill 5K has never had Race Day Registration.  While non-sell out races may need Race Day registration to reach their potential, reaching a cap well before Race Day has benefits for race preparation. Bib Assignment (done alphabetically), packet preparation, shirt ordering, and arrangements for the post-race party can all be handled ahead of time.  This means no surprises for the Timer or the Race Organizers.

“The Colony Race is unique in many ways due to the location and the amenities provided by the restaurant who coordinates the race.  People love it, and it sells out quickly.  Can’t believe it’s been over 4 years since I moved to RunSignUp.  Still very happy with everything.”
- Tom Kulhawik, HI-TEK Racing, Race Promotion & Online Registration for the Colony Grill 5K

Creating a Sell-Out

The Colony Grill Hot Oil 5K has sold out each year of its existence.  They started with a cap of 600 runners as a trial run: they needed to prove to public officials that they could safely & efficiently close down a main road, and they needed to make sure they understood the logistics of the race. They have slowly been able to increase their participant cap, and today can handle 1500 runners.  A few race features that continue to attract crowds of runners:

  • Unique Course: Finishes on a downhill on a main road, at the front door of the Restaurant
  • Patriotic Feel: Held on Veteran’s Day, the race ends at a giant American Flag hung by Fire Trucks
  • Post-Race Party: The post-race party at the Restaurant includes free beer & pizza for over an hour at the end of the race
  • 374523_10151097936521254_140487634_nFamily Participation: A free kids run (prior to the 5K start), age group awards for 9 & under, 10-13, and 14-18, and a spectator-friendly course encourages making the race a family event
  • Themed awards & giveaways: Bib/shirt pick-up is done using a “Goody Pizza Box” rather than a bag, and champions earn free pizza for a year
  • Community Aid: The race is able to show their commitment to the community by making large donations to the local Fairfield Police and Fire Departments.

Your Site has been invaluable to our Races.”

- Ken Martin Jr., owner of the Colony Grill

Why RunSignUp?

When looking at online registration services, the elements that are important to the Colony Grill team include:

  • Clarity and Simplicity: RunSignUp is easy to use for Runners and Organizers.  The Race is built around the community, not technology, and they want the technology resources to be functional and behind the scenes instead of a focus of the race.
  • Participant Management: Easy, straight-forward collection of participant information for Timing setup and participant communications.
  • Timer Fit: RunSignUp data integrates seamlessly with the Timer, Startline Race Services.
  • 73857_10151097898366254_61162325_nCustomer Friendly: RunSignUp is always happy to provide assistance to the race.
  • Fair Registration FeesThe Pricing structure of RunSignUp keeps costs low for participating runners and families.  Families that sign up together can further save on processing fees because fees are based on transactions, not runners.

If you have a success story about your race, store or club, big or small,  email us…we’d love to explore a Case Study on your topic!

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