Race Director/Timer Symposium Videos

As a part of our RunSignUp Customer Video Page, we have the official release of the Presentations from the first RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium in July.  We had some really dynamic, innovative Presenters, and we are thrilled to be able to share their knowledge with all our Customers.

Presentation Videos include:New Symposium Logo Green more square

Growing a Small Race
By Kelly Stewart of the NC Troopers Footchase 5k

Marketing like a Marketer
By Cornelia Stumpf of the Critz Tybee RunFest

Corporate Teams
By Michele Langevin of Jeff Galloway

Race Director Logistics
By Terry Lewis of RS Racing Systems 

What Your Timer Does
By Todd Henderlong of T&H Timing

Managing Your Runners
By James & Michelle Bettis of 3W Races

RunSignUp Go
By Aaron Ford of Ford Timing

00runnerBWant a Challenge?  See if you can find Ron (our Running Man) hanging out, dancing, and enjoying himself in each of the Presentation videos!

Stay Tuned: We’ll be announcing the dates for the 2015 Race Director/Timer Symposium soon!



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Customers Page

We’ve added a new link to the top of your RunSignUp Homepage:
https://runsignup.com/CustomersCustomer Page Image

This section includes Customer Case Studies, Videos, Quotes, and our Real-Time Map. We’re really excited about this update for two reasons:

  • It is, and will continue to grow into, a great resource for our customers to find inspiration and ideas from each other.  For example, need to understand how Dynamic Bib Assignment works?  Check out the Columbus Running Company Case Study, or watch Aaron Ford’s video from the Race Director/Timer Symposium.
  • It is a celebration of the many successes of our Race Directors, Timers, Running Stores, and Running Clubs.  Our Customers put on some amazing events!

You’ll be able to see the content in this section multiply and become more dynamic, but if you have a RunSignUp feature you want to see in action, let us know!

Note: If you want to learn about us, you can still do that.  The “About” content has been re-located to the footer.

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Security Patch for vulnerability in bash “Shellshock” Updated

We have updated our public facing servers with the patch for this new security vulnerability that was found and reported on yesterday.

Here are is a link to learn more if you are interested, or to check to make sure your own servers have installed this:


Note there are likely more patches coming from the security and open source community and we will be installing those as soon as available.

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Running Club Membership Expired Email

Club Membership ExiresWe have had the capability to automatically send up to 5 emails when a club member’s membership is expiring (for example 60, 30, 7 and the day of expiration). We have just added the capability for a Club Officer to also receive an email when memberships really do expire without being renewed.

You can set this under Social -> Notifications.

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Course Maps

Upload Course MapWe have had the capability to add a MapMyRun Map for your race for a while. With the introduction of the new race wizard, you can now also upload an image or a PDF with your course maps(s).

This is simple to do if you have a course map stored as an image or a PDF already.  Go to Step 6 of the Wizard or the “Race Page” -> “Content” page on the Dashboard to create a Custom Section.  You can upload your map there.  Create different sections for each event in your race – for example a custom section of the 8K map, for the Half Marathon and for the Full Marathon.

Course Map on Race PageIf you do not have a map, then you can create one easily with any of the many tools out there for creating a map.  I like http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/.  It is quick and simple, creates mile markers automatically, will follow streets automatically or you can turn off the street following to draw your own lines if you are drawing a cross country course like the one show in this example.  You can also show a street view or satellite view (or both since you can upload multiple maps!

Also, since we store your map on Amazon CloudFront for free, you can copy and paste the URL of the map image itself (here is an example) to include in your own website and email blasts. This is the fastest download hosting you can get since your image gets caches on dozens of hosts across the US.

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RunSignUp Wizard V4.0

Race Creation WizardWe are introducing the 4th major version of our race creation wizard! This new release is one of nice refinements to make the process of creating a race easier for new users and quick for power users.

Some of the new features include:

  • Paper Entry FormsBeautiful work done by our design team that increases overall usability and readability
  • Fully Responsive Design for full support on Mobile devices
  • Zip-code auto-completion of City and State
  • New timer auto-search on email to give access to your timer
  • New pop-up design for things like the Contract and Volunteer choices
  • New Tooltips – the little “?” where you can learn more by hovering your mouse or touching on your tablet.
  • Updated Copy and Renew pages
  • Course MapsNew final page with quick links to common customizations

Also, we have added more options for Course Maps. In addition to supporting Map My Run and links to images and PDF’s on your website or Google Drive or Dropbox, we now support uploading images and pdf’s of your course map for us to manage.

Course Map

Finally,  have also added a new Actions/Common Tasks page on the Dashboard as another way to help our simpler races find the important stuff!

Common Tasks

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Why RunSignUp for Race Event Management Companies

WhyWe are trying to win a race event management company and I was writing up a summary email on why they should use RunSignUp, and thought I would share it.

  1. The pricing is pretty competitive and allows you set your own fees
  2. You should be able to drive more revenue with easier and more complete registration
    1. Mobile (47% of registrations on RunSignUp are from mobile devices)
    2. Facebook App allows users to register right in Facebook
    3. Widgets on your website and your race websites drive better retention and clicks on your site.
  3. Better Marketing Tools
    1. Free EMail Marketing (that will get much easier and much better ROI tracking by end of 2014)
    2. ROI for Coupons, Emails, Adwords, Adroll, Facebook will help you figure out how to spend your marketing dollars most effectively
    3. Strongest and simplest Groups and Team capabilities that helps drive participation
    4. Referral Program built in
    5. Cooperative Marketing programs built in can generate additional promotion channels or revenue opportunities
  4. Efficiency
    1. Better Participant Management for runner self serve as well as admin on your side for event swapping, bib exchange, refunds, deferments, etc.
    2. Better financial reporting that meets your needs exactly and will save time and reduce discrepancies you have today
    3. Far better marketing tools to increase the return on your Marketing $pend as well as the efficiency of your marketing team
  5. Best and fastest growing technology platform.  We are simply outpacing all other registration platforms – just browse our blog.
    1. High Availability
    2. This means more features and differentiation for you and your races
    3. We respond quickly to customer input – see the many examples
  6. Momentum
    1. RunSignUp is the fastest growing registration platform, so you will be partnering with a winner that can help expand your reach

In summary, RunSignUp is built to help you drive more total revenue in addition to being a very cost effective processing fee platform.

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