Guest Blog – Video Results

Steve Stone of Best Times Event Timing is kind enough to share his experience in setting up for video results.

GoPro set up in middle of finishCamera Positioning
I think we have final found a good GoPro camera position for filming finish line videos.

From the attached picture, you can see that we  set  up our GoPro in the middle of the finish line and positioned it on our backup line of antenna which  allows us to capture up close ..with face, bib and clock visibility.

Quality Video
Below is a Thanksgiving Day event with a narrow 14 foot wide finish line with 2,200 finisher .. Move the slider to about 20 minutes into the video and you can tell how well the masses tolerated the camera in the middle of the finish line (make sure you adjust to the HD quality and put in full screen – the picture is very clear)

Backup for Finishing Results
Race officials identified the first and third overall females award winners (they did not pick up their awards) as male runners with female registered bibs.

We are using  GoPro 3+ and GoPro 4’s  with 64 Gig (60 mb/sec) Micro SD. The Wifi capability is really slick but for ease of use, we have added the touch screens on all cameras. The GoPro4 Silver already has the touch screen added and will be our next addition.  We have the cameras mounted in the GoPro “Frame” so they can be powered by an external battery source and get maximum audio pickup.  We are using a very inexpensive $34 Insignia battery pack (5200 MA) ( that will run the GoPro 4 hours plus and still not be drained. The battery pack is tapped (white duct tape of course) to the back of the cone with a 3 foot USB / Mini USB cable for the battery pack to the camera connection.

The cone is a tall 34” cone $16 from Lowes with a Manfrotto Monopod ( $26.00. For stabilizing the Monopod inside the cone,  we stuff  bubble wrap packing inside the cone around the leg of the Monopod and finish off with a generous amount of duct tape inside cone to contain the packing material. At the top of the cone we will drill a small hole through the cone and monopod. We fasten both together with a small diameter metal screw running through both with a locking nut to secure the Monopod so it always touches the ground when the cone is set up vertically

Video Settings
So far we have found the best setting for the GoPros to be 1080P 30 frames per second with the field of view set to narrow.. Our longest video recording so far is slightly over 4 hours using only one GoPro camera with one 64 GB Micro SD card. We are using Windows Movie maker to splice the 3.8 gig  GoPro video files prior to uploading to YouTube. A (4) hour video (40.7 GB file) for a Marathon will take as long as 20 hours to upload to YouTube. We have videoed (2) marathons so far.

I expect that we still have opportunities to improve and welcome any suggestions to whoever you might see this. Since late September 2014, we have videoed 12 events with the camera mounted in the middle of the finish line on the backup antennas line and yet to be hit by a runner.. Fingers crossed…

Our YouTube channel is at “Best Times Event Timing” or

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Healthy Kids Running Series Case Study

We have a series of Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Healthy Kids Running Series Case Study focuses on setting up a Running Series within RunSignUp, and preparing Community Coordinators to succeed.  Continue reading

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Protected: The Race Director Integration

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RunScore Results

RunScore ResultsWe are pleased to announce that RunScore has licensed the RunSignUp Results technology platform to create a new offering for RunScore timers – RunScore Results.

RunScore Results allows any RunScore timer to simply upload results to the web and provide finish notifications to runners and their friends without the usual complications. If you know how to produce local results reports with RunScore, then it will be intuitive how to get them on the web.

RunScore Results is available in pre-release form now – Here is a short video that explains how it works:

Create a Race

The process is very simple and can be all done within RunScore without adding any fields.

Create a Race
The first step is to Create an account (if you are already a RunSignUp user you can use your existing account since we are built on the same cloud platform).  Then you can Create a Race (again, if you are a RunSignUp timer and have a race already, RunScore will show you a list of your races already and will tie the existing Online Race to your RunScore PC race). Note RunScore is smart enough to know the Events you have on the PC and creates those online.

Upload ResultsTo simply publish results, go to the Listing File that you usually print from. You will see a new options to publish Online. The output online will look exactly like you have defined it in your listing file with all the columns displayed in the same order that they would be printed.

Here are the results output to the local terminal:

Local Results

Here are the same results online:

RunScore Results Online

Mobile Design
The results are displayed in a “Responsive Design”, which means they look great on mobile phones as well. This is important as many runners are checking your website for results right after the race.

Automatic Uploads
You have the ability to turn on automated “Incremental Uploads”, which will upload any people who get a new or different result every 30 seconds. This is nice because runners can look online right after they finish and see their results. This also means that any adjustments you do to participant data or to the results  in RunScore PC will get updated online automatically. Change the spelling of a name and within 30 seconds it is corrected online!

Widget on Your Website
The online results have a specific URL that you can share. To embed these results on the race website and your timing website, you can simply click the “embed” link at the bottom of the results page and copy and paste that code into your webpage and you get these beautiful searchable results:

Results Widget

Upload RegsitrationsTo enable Notifications, you must do two things.  First click on the “Enable Notifications” in the Race Menu on the right.  Second, and just as important, is you must upload your registrants as seen on the right to the online site so that people can sign up to get the notifications.

Online the participants will by default be displayed with data similar to what is in the Results (Name, Age, City, State).  The Online system has a configuration to adjust what data is shown or to force people to enter the correct name to sign up for notifications. In either case, the runners as well as any family members can go online to sign up for notifications. They simply click on the name and specify whether they want TXT and/or EMail.

Result Placeholder OptionsThe Timer Dashboard online gives you the ability to set up custom notifications with custom text and specific fields to be displayed (see examples on the right).  For example, you can create a TXT that says something like “Congratulations Bob on completing the Budweiser Rotary 5K in a time of 17:32. Your overall place was 32 and your gender place was 28.”

RunScore and RunSignUp look forward to your feedback to make this even simpler and more powerful. Let us know your ideas and feedback!

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USA Triathlon Integration Upgrade

USATWe have worked with USA Triathlon to create a new and improved integrated registration process with USAT Membership management. This makes it simple for triathletes to sign up for a race and use or get a USAT membership. It also makes it simple for race directors to meet the reporting requirements of USAT. Here is a quick video, and a full explanation below:

Integrated Registration Process
USAT Membership RegistrationThe registration process is now totally integrated, with a single checkout. Every option for USAT membership is available:

  • Existing Membership number validation in real time against the USAT database
  • Single Day/Race
  • USAT Yearly Membership
  • Renew USAT Yearly Membership
  • Upgrade from One Day to Full USAT Yearly Membership

Single CheckoutThe Waiver process also conforms to USAT requirements – meaning the waiver must be read and signed before moving on.

If someone is signing up their friend, and can not sign the waiver, RunSignUp communicates all waivers that need to be signed to USAT, who follows up to get the signature. As noted below in the reporting section, we provide Waiver reports so that you can have people sign on race day morning if they did not sign during registration or as part of USAT followup.

TUSAT Confirmation Emailhe checkout process is seamless. The Membership price is added to the race fee and other items that may be purchased.

Note that USAT sends a membership confirmation email within 24 hours of registration (it is not immediate).

USA Triathlon Membership Setup
USAT Integration SetupAdding the USAT Membership to your triathlon is simple. Just go to the Financial -> Membership page and select USA Triathlon as the option.

All you need to fill in is the Event ID. We give you the ability to search the USAT database in real time to find your proper Event ID.

USAT Waiver Report
USAT Waiver ReportWe provide a convenient Waiver Report for you and USAT to use. It provides details of the IP address, the Signature and the Waiver Version and Date for each entry.

If a participant did not sign the waiver, RunSignUp communicates that automatically to USAT. Their membership coordinators will try to contact the participant to get a proper waiver signed.

In the event the waiver is not signed, you as the race director can see a report with the missing waiver signatures and have them signed on race day.

USAT Reporting
We have a new report that shows the numbers and types of memberships for each race. We leave a blank spot so you can fill in paper applications and totals for easy reporting to USAT.

USAT Report

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Club Discount by Event

One of the popular features for race and running clubs is the ability to offer a discount to running club members for a race. This is great for races looking to attract local running clubs.  Also great for clubs who put on races and want to give their own members a break (or entice others to join the club during race registration!).

We have now expanded that capability to be on a per event basis as seen below.

Running Club Discount for Race Events

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Syracuse Half Marathon Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Syracuse Half Marathon Case Study focuses on creating demand through a premium event, and customizing a race to encourage group participation and donations. 

View the PDF Version of the Syracuse Half Marathon Case Study

Case Study Header for WordPress

The Syracuse Half Marathon and RunSignUp: 
The Syracuse Half Marathon focuses on event quality to build participation in three short years, and uses RunSignUp tools to support their sellout in three days.

About the Syracuse Half Marathon:

Picture3The Syracuse Half Marathon was created in 2013 as a joint venture between Leone Timing and Fleet Feet Syracuse, under the umbrella of Upstate Event Management.  The two companies teamed up to put together high quality races through their combined marketing tools & logistical strengths.  In year 1, they drew 1,137 runners despite opening registration a mere 3 months prior to Race Day; year 2 saw a sellout 1,500 runners in 95 days.  With 2015 registration selling out at an increased capacity of 2,400 runners in under 3 days, the race is looking at new options to accommodate area demand.

Giving RunSignUp a Chance

Leone Timing had been discussing RunSignUp with Sales Lead, Bryan Jenkins, and they felt he really knew his stuff, and had some interesting ideas.  Rather than take any chances with races they time for others, Leone Timing decided to give RunSignUp a chance with this race because it was their race.

Leone Timing was happy with the RunSignUp experience: they have found the system to have a lot of tools and flexibility, and the company to be open to new suggestions and ideas. Moving forward, they now have enough confidence in RunSignUp to introduce the company to other races that they Time, and work with RunSignUp more broadly.

Creating Runner Demand Through a High Quality Event

“We really made an effort to retain people, and people like quality.  We basically put every dollar back into the race to make people want to come back.” – Rick Streeter, Leone Timing

As a new event, the Syracuse Half Marathon had 2 major goals:Picture7

  • Offer unique amenities to differentiate themselves from other races
  • Create a special experience to ensure significant retention rates and a strong word of mouth

Some of the amenities & experiences that set them apart:

  • The race starts and finishes at the OnCenter Syracuse Convention Center, Picture6essentially “the best facility in Syracuse.” It was the first time the venue was used for a race, and provided nice toilet facilities and a warm up area.
  • They offer professionally catered food.
  • There is a live band and a festive atmosphere.
  • The Giveaway is a nice, high quality, long sleeve shirt.
  • They have a unique course designed as a large loop of Syracuse, highlighting the variety of the city – much like the NY Marathon is designed to highlight the boroughs of NY.

A Record Sellout and a Waiting List

Following their strong reception in the 2013 & 2014 races, Leone Timing expected the Picture52015 Race – even with the increase to 2,000 runners – to sellout.  The speed of the sellout, however, was a surprise to everyone.  They attribute the fast sellout to the product in previous years, and due to the sense of urgency created by having an announced Race Cap.

Within 2 days, 5 hours, the race had already hit 2,000.  The decision was made to allow an additional 400 runners; those spots were taken before the end of the third day.  They implemented a Waitlist to gauge the demand for opening up more spots to additional runners – while they are not yet sure if logistics will allow for adding more runners, the waitlist allows them to capture the information about potential runners while they explore their options for expanding.

“We thought it would sell out by February.  Hitting refresh on RunSignUp and just watching the numbers was…WOW.  We hit 1,100 runners in 12 hours.”  - Rich Streeter

Increasing Donations

The Syracuse Half collects donations for the Priscilla Mahar Animal Wellness Fund.  They set a goal to collect $5,000 for the organization, and with 3+ months until race day, they have collected 68% of their goal.  In addition to prompting donations during the registration process, they customized the generic “Donate” tab on thPicture4eir race page to show as “Help Local Animals”.  This simple change informs the potential donors of the cause instead of appearing to be just a simple request for money.

You can customize your Donation Tab on your Race Dashboard under Donations -> Setup.

Groups/Teams to Encourage Participation

Picture2Through their participation in local fitness communities, the Syracuse Half noticed that the area had a lot of active people who were not participating in local races.  However, a lot of those people enjoy the group aspect of their fitness choice, and like to participate in fitness activities together.  To encourage that sense of community, they set up a Group/Team option for Gyms, Crossfit Boxes, and Running Clubs to compete against each other.  The top 5 finisher times for each Group/Team will be compiled to declare a winner.  Offering team competition not only encourages members of each Gym/Club to convince each other to sign up, it also provides more marketing and cross promotion opportunities and helps build better relationships with area fitness centers.

As with the Donate Tab customization, the Syracuse Half customized the Group/Team Tab to Gym/Club to make it more applicable to their event.

Reports & Custom Questions to Demonstrate Event Value

Picture1One roadblock for the Syracuse Half Marathon was a Police Department that is inundated with events, and have a bad taste from the events that have not added community value.  To help demonstrate their value to the community, the Race asks Custom Questions about whether or not they are coming into Syracuse from out of town for the event.  This has 2 positive effects:

  • Promotes a local Hotel Partner
  • Provides data to give to the Police Department and the City of Syracuse to demonstrate their tourism value to the community, and encourage the City to work with them for the event.

The Takeaway

The Syracuse Half believes that the most valuable thing that they can do is to ensure that they have a sustainable event is to build goodwill among Runners, and maintain their good Runner relationships.  To do so, they focus on quality and positive experiences from Registration through Post-Race Party.

If you have a success story about your race, store or club, big or small,  email us
…we’d love to explore a Case Study on your topic!

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